1. I

    BluRay support?

    I'm trying to play a BluRay disk and it looks like I have the necessary libraries as well as that decryption file for accs. I noticed both mpv and vlc don't have libbluray in use. Is this something I'm going to have to compile by hand? I'm on FreeBSD 14.0-p3. VLC: 3.0.18 mpv: 0.37.0
  2. I

    Solved VLC crashes when trying to play DVDs

    I just got a Blu-Ray USB player and FreeBSD detects it just fine. I've made sure it works by mounting it and I can see everything just fine. I'm having an issue where VLC keeps crashing whenever I try to play from DVD. I'm trying to play a DVD on the Blu-Ray, specifically Matrix Reloaded. I...
  3. GlitchyDot

    VLC hangs

    Im running VLC as a video player and VLC started to hang-up a lot when im trying to open directory or a file and now it does not show me other directories and i have to use kill -9 command to get rid of it. Any ideas where to look for an issue ? Thank You.
  4. B

    Using vlc with a list of scanned TV channels

    When running multimedia/w_scan2 there is an option to save a scanned channel list in a format suitable for multimedia/vlc. Has anyone got an example of how to run vlc with this scanned list?
  5. T

    Slow video playback with mplayer, but mpv works fine

    I have 3 video players installed: 1. vlc - no sounds for a large # of videos downloaded via youtube-dl 2. mplayer - plays all videos I download via youtube-dl, but I run into a slow or choppy video (I'm using nvidia-driver-440 and an nvidia 1050 ti) 3. mpv - this plays just fine with both...
  6. vlig

    FreeBSD 12.1 amd64. Packages disappeared from repository

    Hello! I'm on the latest pkg repository. pkg search firefox, telegram-desktop, vlc, chromium produces no result (just 2 choices for chromium, but not the browser). I guess there is much more absence of packages. Where are they??? UPD. I have firefox, but after system updating, it refused to...
  7. D

    How to: Dell Inspiron 15r se 7520: FreeBSD 12.1-RC2 + Gnome 3 Lite + Japanese support + art apps

    ------------------------ FreeBSD install: ------------------------ Before anything, ensure you had burned your freebsd 12 STABLE .img to a usb 2.0 usb memory stick, because if it is a usb 3.0 device it will start but will encounter a error which will not allow you to enter the freebsd 12...
  8. NapoleonWils0n

    vlc no ncurses interface on Freebsd

    VLC has an ncurses interface which can be started from the terminal by running nvlc, the vlc preferences also have an option in the Main interfaces section to enable the ncurses interface Both the nvlc binary and the option to enable the ncurses interface in the preferences are missing in...
  9. NapoleonWils0n

    installing gtk and qt5 dark themes

    How to install and set up gtk and qt5 dark themes QT5 and GTK are used to create the graphical user interface for applications, they each have there own look which is determined by the theme and icons installed So installing a dark gtk theme wont change the look of qt5 applications like vlc...
  10. spmzt

    vlc subtitle error

    Hi, I have problems with running multimedia/vlc on FreeBSD 10.2: Add subtitle to VLC cause this error: Codec not supported: VLC could not decode the format "ssa " (SubStation Alpha subtitles) VLC can't recognize the input's format: The format of...
  11. D

    Playback of BluRay disks?

    Has anyone managed to play BluRay disks with FreeBSD? I have a BluRay drive and tried building the multimedia/vlc port with libbluray support enabled, but even with the KEYDB.cfg file from the vlc-bluray site installed I get an unhelpful error message. Has anyone ever managed to make this work...
  12. Isaac Monteiro

    Solved No sound on headphones

    Hi all, Just setting on /boot/device.hints below hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid20.config="as=1" hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid22.config="as=2 seq=15" Speaker works with very good sound quality. headphone have no sound but sounds still came out of speaker. I tried several configurations but no one worked. Can...