1. S

    PPPoE from inside bhyve guest through VLAN

    My scenario: I'm building a home firewall/router on an Intel NUC. Host OS if FreeBSD 12.2 and I installed pfsense in a bhyve guest. I want to build a "router on a stick". I have a managed switch and plugged in my DSL modem into a vlan port. The NUC is connected to a trunk port. I created 2...
  2. B

    Solved Don't get VLAN (DHCP) ip address on my Virtual Machine Guest

    For my office I am trying to set up a VLAN for a (Nextcloud) VM which is running on top of a FreeBSD server, which is running behind a pfSense firewall and a Mikrotik Switch. The VLAN 30 is created on the pfSense firewall and is connected to a DHCP server on pfSense. (See the ifconfig of...
  3. joel.bodenmann

    PF PF and VLANs

    The FreeBSD handbook explains how to setup VLANs. However, I couldn't find information of how to use VLANs in a PF configuration. Assuming that I have one or more VLANs assigned to the network interface igb0 - which show up as igb0.5 etc - do I just use igb0.5 as the network interface within the...
  4. tscho

    Solved No ingress VLAN traffic

    Hi, I'm fighting for a couple of days with networking of FreeBSD. I try to create a VLAN on my Bhyve host for some VMs. Everything works fine as long as I don't use VLAN tags. I changed already the physical switch already and double-checked my VLAN setup but to me it seems like it's a FreeBSD...
  5. J

    Solved Bring up interface with no IP addresses assigned (for VLAN-tagged sub-interfaces)

    Though obvious in retrospect, how to bring up a "master" interface through /etc/rc.conf without an IP address assigned was not easy to find. The application is when all traffic through the interface is to be VLAN-tagged. ifconfig_re0="up" # Otherwise re0.NNN are not created vlans_re0="100"...
  6. C

    Solved Advice needed on implementing VLANs on a 3-segment firewall

    Hello everybody, I have a 15-year old system with a role of firewall (pf)/DHCP server/squid/squidguard. This system which is currently running FreeBSD 11, has 3 network cards, each one serving a network segment (wan, dmz, lan). Built at a time I had no knowledge of VLANs, and trying to connect...
  7. G

    FreeBSD Switching Features

    So I've been playing with a FreeBSD virtual setup to test network functionality, and the routing is awesome, especially vlan subinterfaces. Now I'm trying to make the FreeBSD machine behave as a network switch. One way to do that is to create a bridge and add all the ports to the bridge. This...
  8. arader

    Am I crazy? (Bridging + VLANS + LAGG)

    Hi all, I run a freeBSD router at home and I love it, I'm always finding new ways to expand my understanding of networking. I recently bought a 4x SFP+ 10GB Chelsio card to play with, and I'm coming up with ways to use it. I already have 4x GBE ports lagg'd together in lagg0. I then apply a...
  9. D

    Virtualbox guest not recieving traffic from bridge

    I have two bridged interfaces, each bridged to a different VLAN interface, and I'd like to have a Virtualbox guest (Linux) access both bridge interfaces. I set this up, but after some connectivity issues, I discovered that the guest can transmit fine (so I see traffic originating from the guest...
  10. taupehat

    Use of VLAN isolates bhyve host from VM [FreeNAS]

    I have a bug report filed here but have the feeling this may be upstream. The basic problem is that when bridge0 is associated with a trunked interface, then the host and VM cannot communicate with each other (they can both communicate everywhere else just fine). As an experiment I set the...
  11. K

    OpenVPN to VLAN

    Hi, i am find a resolve for my questions. I have a gate server and three office, two work with vlan, one with openvpn. Task: Make openvpn with vlan, for working three offices in one vlan. How to resolve? P.S. Sorry for my english =) ------------ Russian translate: Привет, помогите. Есть шлюз и...
  12. andrian

    What i can connect two vlan without 802.1q switch?

    Hi, please help me. What I can connect two vlan for two hosts without use 802.1q switch?
  13. D

    Solved vlan+lagg=mtu 1496. Expected?

    Hello all, I just migrated an ipfilter based filter to a newer hardware and OS (9.3-RELEASE -> 10.2-RELEASE). In the old gear I was using several vlans over an 8 ports lagg and the mtu assigned to the vlans was 1500. Now vlans keep getting 1496 set as their mtu size. I read the vlan but could...
  14. N

    Bridge setup in rc.conf

    Hi, My server have two physical ethernet ports. On igb0 comes tagged vlan traffic. I want igb1 to be used as a normal switch port with untagged traffix from vlan 1 so that I can connect my old network printer without using an additional physical network switch. This is relevant parts of my...