1. M

    Syslogd Cyrillic symbols issue

    Hello everybody. Got some issue with syslogd and messages which contain Cyrillic symbols. Syslog turns it in some unreadable garbage. There is a device that sends Cyrillic messages to syslog, it's realy hard to understand what does it mean. Have made some test writing the same message to...
  2. P

    Czech (UTF-8) characters in console OR scp

    Hallo, I need copy files from server shared via Samba to Windows environment via scp. When I see these files from Windows (Samba) I see all czech charasters with diacritics. But in the console and after using scp I see corrupted file names. Any help ho to solve this? FreeBSD 10.3. Thanks for all...
  3. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to solve local terminal output mess for btop (bpytop formerly) resource monitoring tool ?

    After changing screen resolution to more night (640x480 text -> 1600x1200 graphics), output from btop app (formerly bpytop on-screen real-time monitoring tool) look like mess (see attached screen photos). The same behavior for current btop app and for previous version - bpytop. Only one...
  4. I

    KDE tries to show fullname in ascii I think

    I have utf-8 characters in my full name. The login screen displays it properly, but after I logged in I see only gibberish in the menu. It looks like displaying utf8 as ascii. Is this a bug or something else?
  5. Dogers

    Solved KDE-5 UTF-8 support issue.

    Greetings to everyone. First thing first, I am quite new to FreeBSD (using it for 2-3 months) and I wanted to thank everyone who have contributed to the FreeBSD Handbook which one of the most complete and well-structured manual I ever seen. I intend to migrate my main desktop from Debian to...
  6. P

    [FreeNAS] load libiconv.ko with utf-8 into kernel

    I would like to let user besides root to mount a SMB share. It requires filename conversion with UTF-8 encoding. In /boot/loader.conf file, I have added: libiconv_load="YES" And /etc/nsmb.conf file [default] workgroup=WORKGROUP [server] addr= charsets=UTF-8:UTF-8 But mount_smbfs...
  7. fnoyanisi

    Guake does not display UTF-8

    Hi there, I have x11/guake installed but UTF-8 characters are not properly displayed in the terminal. More specifically, the characters in the editors/vim airline extension appear as question marks. Similar problem exists for the Tagbar extension of editors/vim as well. I have tested these...
  8. M

    Locale and keymap creation for ga_IE.UTF-8 environments

    Before I start, I'm new to these forums. I've read the rules and the formatting guide but please be understanding if I get things wrong :) I did a lot of Web searching and forum/tutorial reading before posting. keymap-file-creation-for-turkish-f-layout.61460 covers similar ground, which is why...
  9. ucsdboy

    locale and LC_ALL

    I recently followed a popular guide to set my system's locale settings to UTF-8. I've noticed that following the change, all of the output from locale is UTF-8, except for LC_ALL: me@system:~ % locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LC_CTYPE="en_US.UTF-8" LC_COLLATE="en_US.UTF-8" LC_TIME="en_US.UTF-8"...