1. D

    Mount FreeBSD (UFS) filesystem under WSL2 (Debian)

    I'm attempting to share a home partition between my WSL2 (Debian) and FreeBSD (dual-boot). wsl cannot mount the partition containing the home filesystem since it is on the same disk as the C: drive. Same output for `ufs2' The partition number is correct EDIT: This is salient...
  2. Snubbi

    Solved Recommendations UFS or UFS on workstation

    I'm new to FreeBSD, and right now I'm practicing installing and setting it up in VirtualBox on a Linux machine. What are the disadvantages e.g. by using UFS. So far I have used Clonezilla for Bcakup of my computers. Clonezilla cannot backup ZFS. What do I do if I choose ZFS file system. I have...
  3. M

    make memstick with ufs

    Do you anybody script how to create memstick for sdcard with UFS ? I have script only for create zfs memstick. Thank you
  4. john_rambo

    Solved I have an EXT4 partition .....Can this cause any complications later ? Should I format it to UFS ?

    I have one SSD where FreeBSD is installed. I also have a spinning HDD where I keep my data. This spinning HDD is EXT4 since I was using Linux before. FreeBSD's support for EXT4 is very nice. I don't feel I am using a non native filesystem. Everything is working smoothly. My question is if I...
  5. grahamperrin@

    Improvements to sysutils/lsof

    sysutils/lsof Background – and so on. Now Good news. Significant improvements ahead: https://github.com/lsof-org/lsof/pull/184 Related FreeBSD bugs include: 253553 – sysutils/lsof: no zfs support on 13 260235 – sysutils/lsof: filenames missing on FreeBSD >= 13, due to namecache field...
  6. grahamperrin@

    tuning(7) – FreeBSD performance tuning manual

    <https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=tuning&sektion=7&manpath=FreeBSD> Before I open a bug for a part of the page that's wrong: does anyone else have corrections, or suggestions for improvement? Thanks
  7. grahamperrin@

    UFS UFS: zeroing free space

    With UFS: how best to write zeros (or whatever) into free space? In this case: to allow better compaction of the underlying virtual disk. (Above: 73 G, compacted, for a system that uses only 12 G.)
  8. christhegeek

    Solved I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.

    I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.
  9. M

    Other Drive disappearing from gmirror

    Hello! I have two gmirrors on my machine. Both are showing up as degraded. These are brand new drives that I just installed (so I don't mind blowing up the configuration and re-doing things). I followed this guide to get going as I have no experience with gmirror...
  10. Amzo

    UFS Recover Files Removed with RM

    So I made a blunder today. I was working on the tensorflow 2.x port and I was clearing up getting ready to commit it to git. During the clearing up, I went to rm some test files I had, but during my impatience, I tab completed the name which complete to files/ and deleted all my patches for...
  11. Cesc

    Create UFS system for backups

    Hello everyone, I have an extra hard drive and I would like to use it for small backups, How can I format it in UFS and add it in fstab?
  12. Spity

    Other Format for a second disc

    I was planning to use a second hard disk as a backup for documents and files. I'm not sure what format to use ext4 / ntfs / ufs to be able to access it from FreeBSD and Win10 since I have dual boot. When I was using Linux I used a program from Windows to access ext4., But with ufs I don't know...
  13. grahamperrin@

    FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-KDE-Plasma (2021-06-23)

  14. grahamperrin@

    FreeBSD-provided disk images: problems with UFS, fsck_ufs (fsck_ffs(8)); partition sizes …

    Why not ZFS by default? Images are compressed before distribution. I assume that compression is very effective for: non-used space (free, never used) in file systems non-used swap space. Why is there so little free space in the file system for the base OS? Why is so little of the disk given...
  15. grahamperrin@

    Solved FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-KDE-Plasma (2021-05-22)

    Spun off from <https://forums.FreeBSD.org/threads/freebsd-kommunity-edition.78594/post-513391>, thanks in particular to: Mjölnir for beginning the discussion Samuel Venable for creating the disk image. General comments and questions hald_enable="YES" can be removed from /etc/rc.conf – HAL...
  16. E

    ZFS UFS or ZFS for a FreeBSD workstation

    Hi all, After 13.0 is released and the dust settles down, I'm going to move my workstation (mostly used for neuroscientific computations with R, Julia and Python) from Debian to FreeBSD (this will be my very first time with the system). I have several questions regarding the process, but first...
  17. A

    UFS Why I am using UFS in 2021.

    I am a relatively new user of FreeBSD. For the past 15 years I have been managing a small server farm all running Debian or Ubuntu. Not thrilled with the way these distributions have been progressing, so thought I would give FreeBSD a whirl. Some things in particular that piqued my interest are...
  18. acunha

    How to shrink the Boot disk to add L2ARC

    Hello! Happy and healthy 2021 to every and each one! This is my story: I've just built a FreeBSD machine to use primarly as a NFS/ZFS home server. CPU is a Pentium G4560 (7th gen), case NAS 800, MoBo mini-ITX, 32GB ECC mem and 5x 4TB HDD Toshiba N300. MoBo has only 6 SATA connections in...
  19. R

    Solved newfs: wtfs: Invalid argument

    So, I decided to upgrade my home server and add some disks. Previously I used just graid3 for backup disk, now decided to use graid3+graid5+gconcat together: # graid5 status Name Status Components raid5/parem COMPLETE CALM (safeop) da0...
  20. R

    UFS fsck on big filesystems (>100TB)

    Hi, everyone. I have several servers with large UFS partitions (>100TB). Physically it is RAID-6 on MegaRaid 9361. If i try to run fsck on them, i get same error on all servers: ** Phase 5 - Check Cyl groups fsck_ffs: inoinfo: inumber 18446744071562087424 out of range inumber is exact same on...