1. B

    UFS FreeNAS EFI GPT Hard drive partition issues

    Hello there, long time lurker, but haven't posted. seems I've found what I needed to survive for 15 years until this day. I have an interesting situation that I've trying to resolve.... I have a hard drive (4Tb) that has a lot of important content on it I was using on a FreeNAS (NAS4free)...
  2. B

    Solved How To Dual Boot Windows 11 and FreeBSD 14 (GELI Encrypted ZFS Root + UFS Boot Drive)

    Introduction: This is a guide on how to dual boot windows 11 and FreeBSD 14. I recently received a fantastic laptop that happens to be surprisingly compatible with FreeBSD, so I highly recommend it, and no, I am not sponsored by MSI; I have merely fought enough laptops to recognize a keeper when...
  3. L

    Is full disk encryption with UFS possible?

    I'm sure you are going to say "YES" but please not so fast. 1. When installing FreeBSD 14.0, I am offered the choice between ZFS and UFS. If I select ZFS, the option to encrypt is there, very clear, impossible to miss. If I select UFS though, encryption is never mentioned at all. Does FreeBSD...
  4. Hornpipe2

    UFS newfs -j: "Journal file fragmented"

    I have a 300gb external HDD that I am trying to partition entirely for FreeBSD, then format with UFS filesystem. I am using newfs -j option to enable Soft Updates + Journal, but getting the warning message "Journal file fragmented" after the format is complete. # gpart show /dev/da0 =>...
  5. RevennaFox

    UFS Best way to recover (very) recently deleted files on UFS?

    I have a situation where a user accidentally deleted all of the photos in a directory and its sub-directories, ironically to save some space in preparation for a backup. (Helpful hint: Wise Duplicate File Remover apparently removes the originals along with the duplicates). The photos in question...
  6. B

    Solved Why use zfs when ufs will do ?

    I've been happily using 13.2-RELEASE for a while, with ufs filesystem Now planning to setup a fresh14.0 system on some old~ish hardwares, likely a combination of modest SSD and a single spinning drive. 14.0 system will just be used for a simple desktop, and various small projects. Most likely I...
  7. hbsd


    I've been facing a problem for a while. My system sometimes suddenly reboots by itself. I thought my surge protector was ruined and bought another one. But finally I found out that FreeBSD file system is corrupted. This happened to me so many times and it was really annoying. I (almost) solved...
  8. abdelilah

    Solved I can't expand my root partition

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to expand my root partition but can't do it, I tried gpart, I also tried deleting the swap partition and adding more space, here is the result : root@appserver:~ # gpart show => 63 83886017 ada0 MBR (40G) 63 1 - free - (512B) 64...
  9. LibreQuest

    Solved Permission denied on newly created fs not in fstab.

    Hey! I have a newbie question. I have a USB enclosure with a 1TB SATA 2.5" Spinning disk. I have followed this guide, https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/disks/ but I don't want the disk in fstab as it's detachable. I have mounted the disk with 'mount /dev/da0 /media/da0' which works...
  10. D

    Mount FreeBSD (UFS) filesystem under WSL2 (Debian)

    I'm attempting to share a home partition between my WSL2 (Debian) and FreeBSD (dual-boot). wsl cannot mount the partition containing the home filesystem since it is on the same disk as the C: drive. Same output for `ufs2' The partition number is correct EDIT: This is salient...
  11. Snubbi

    Solved Recommendations UFS or UFS on workstation

    I'm new to FreeBSD, and right now I'm practicing installing and setting it up in VirtualBox on a Linux machine. What are the disadvantages e.g. by using UFS. So far I have used Clonezilla for Bcakup of my computers. Clonezilla cannot backup ZFS. What do I do if I choose ZFS file system. I have...
  12. M

    make memstick with ufs

    Do you anybody script how to create memstick for sdcard with UFS ? I have script only for create zfs memstick. Thank you
  13. john_rambo

    Solved I have an EXT4 partition .....Can this cause any complications later ? Should I format it to UFS ?

    I have one SSD where FreeBSD is installed. I also have a spinning HDD where I keep my data. This spinning HDD is EXT4 since I was using Linux before. FreeBSD's support for EXT4 is very nice. I don't feel I am using a non native filesystem. Everything is working smoothly. My question is if I...
  14. grahamperrin

    Improvements to sysutils/lsof

    sysutils/lsof Background – and so on. Now Good news. Significant improvements ahead: https://github.com/lsof-org/lsof/pull/184 Related FreeBSD bugs include: 253553 – sysutils/lsof: no zfs support on 13 260235 – sysutils/lsof: filenames missing on FreeBSD >= 13, due to namecache field change …
  15. grahamperrin

    tuning(7) – FreeBSD performance tuning manual

    <https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=tuning&sektion=7&manpath=FreeBSD> Before I open a bug for a part of the page that's wrong: does anyone else have corrections, or suggestions for improvement? Thanks
  16. grahamperrin

    UFS UFS: zeroing free space

    With UFS: how best to write zeros (or whatever) into free space? In this case: to allow better compaction of the underlying virtual disk. (Above: 73 G, compacted, for a system that uses only 12 G.)
  17. christhegeek

    Solved I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.

    I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.
  18. M

    Other Drive disappearing from gmirror

    Hello! I have two gmirrors on my machine. Both are showing up as degraded. These are brand new drives that I just installed (so I don't mind blowing up the configuration and re-doing things). I followed this guide to get going as I have no experience with gmirror...
  19. Amzo

    UFS Recover Files Removed with RM

    So I made a blunder today. I was working on the tensorflow 2.x port and I was clearing up getting ready to commit it to git. During the clearing up, I went to rm some test files I had, but during my impatience, I tab completed the name which complete to files/ and deleted all my patches for...
  20. Cesc

    Create UFS system for backups

    Hello everyone, I have an extra hard drive and I would like to use it for small backups, How can I format it in UFS and add it in fstab?