1. Brontosaurus

    Other quirks=0x3<4K,NCQ_TRIM_BROKEN>

    Hi everybody, I'm a new FreeBSD user, I recently installed FreeBSD 13.2p8 on an old Thinkpad T400 laptop with a "Samsung 850 EVO" SSD, I found the following lines in my dmesg: ada0 at ahcich0 bus 0 scbus0 target 0 lun 0 ada0: <Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB EMxxxxxx> ACS-2 ATA SATA 3.x device...
  2. A

    Discard/Trim is not working on NFS4.2 server (FreeBSD 13.1)

    Hello As one may know NFS version 4.2 supports discards (trim). It was acknowledged to work on many Linux distros - RHEL 7, Opensuse 15, ovios etc. In FreeBSD version 13 (13.1 in my case) we also have NFS server ver 4.2 but discards doesn't work. Is it a bug or? p.s. I'm not the only one...
  3. freezr

    ZFS SSD Tuning for a Desktop Use

    Dear All, looking for some info to tuning and extend the life of my SSD disks I couldn't find any valuable information. The documentation reports: None of these make sense for me. My knowledge of FreeBSD is still very limited and my knowledge of ZFS is even narrower. On Linux I can...
  4. A

    bhyve About TRIM for bhyve guests

    As "FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE Release Notes" shows: Does this only support FreeBSD guests? On the following guests with virtio-blk+zvol backends, I tested whether the free space can be reclaimed automatically after deleting some files: 1. FreeBSD 12.2R UFS: Yes 2. FreeBSD 12.2R ZFS: Yes 3. CentOS...
  5. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    UFS Question about software RAID-0 with SSDs

    I would like to create a striped RAID-0 made up of four NVMe SSDs. It's for unimportant temporary data, but I need the space and lots of speed would be nice to have as well, so I'd like to use RAID-0 rather than something like JBOD/CONCAT. I would not like to use ZFS, but UFS for a file system...
  6. Abraham79

    Manual partitioning for installing on SSD with pre-existing Linux OS. Is this steps correct?

    Hi, I am planning to do a bare-metal installation of FreeBSD 12.1 on a intel 330 SSD which already contain Devuan 3.0 Linux on UEFI-GPT system. I'm planning to install Gnome 3. I tried running the installer and manual mode in bsdinstall seems to me, confusing. It is asking for entire disk or...
  7. 0

    TRIM does not work correctly on the Samsung drive!

    The problem is this. As you know, the essence of TRIM is to clean up blocks that are no longer needed by the file system in the background, or with minimal impact on performance. On my own system, the picture is as follows. We create a file of 2 GB in size, delete it, and the disk spends all its...
  8. Martin Garcia

    Solved Reclaim unused space on a virtual machine on a sparse vm

    Hello, I have this exact issue, I have virtual machines (FTP, WEB, MySQL servers) on KVM sometime ago it was filled with some files or sites that are no...
  9. Martin Garcia

    Solved Trim unused blocks on qcow2 thin provisiones virtual machine

    Hello again, I'm new to FreeBSD Currently I have some FreeBSD (ZFS) VMs running great on KVM. This VMs were virt-sparsified or thin-provisioned, however, in time, there were some GB files in and out ###This is the current size of my FreeBSD VM -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 425G jul 24 00:56...
  10. D

    ZFS System crashes on "zpool status tank" on 11.0-RELEASE-p2

    I have a zfs pool encrypted with geli. After a clean system boot, I mount the geli devices, then do zfs status tank so the pool is discovered. The system panics. I found and old thread documenting a similar issue (involving SSDs and GELI), but it still seems to be happening. Here's my stack...
  11. M

    Startup hosting and sleeping well (encryption)

    I’ve never been in a server room from which I could not steal a random hard drive without getting caught, if I wanted. I have been in server hosting companies’ rooms in more than one countries. Should I find one that employs guards with machine guns, still there is a point from which it isn’t...
  12. A

    Other Trim the entire SSD from FreeBSD's LiveCD?

    Recently I bought one, and while playing with reinstalling distributions I wonder if I can TRIM the entire SSD using Live tools? Or I am mistaking something? EDIT: To make it clean and faster. Again, am I missing something?
  13. M

    To TRIM or not to TRIM, that's the question

    Hi Folks, recently, me as a noob got one experts opinion on (not) using TRIM. Since this is the only voice I know recommending not to use TRIM, I'd like to put it here and hopefully get your valued opinion on this topic. Also I'd like to know, why TRIM has the potential to corrupt the...