1. Scribner

    Time Is UTC, but Time Zone Is Local

    After my second install of FreeBSD last week, I am confused as to the best way to go about fixing my system's defective clock. I thought I set up FreeBSD correctly, yet whenever the computer boots up it shows UTC as the time, but shows my time zone as "CST" (UTC-6). The time is also always more...
  2. D

    Change motherboard time from UTC to LOCAL in bsdinstall

    Made a mistake in bsdinstall of choosing 'motherboard time is set to UTC' instead of LOCAL time during a fresh install of FreeBSD 13.0 This is a problem since I dual boot Windows which always expects mobo time to be local and changes the time automatically. Tried bsdinstall time but this only...
  3. mod3777

    Minimalist phone for smart people

    Handbook for getting out of smartphone garden!
  4. bertalanp99

    Adjust time when dual booting with Windows 10 (CMOS clock set to local time)

    AFAIK, FreeBSD prefers the hardware (CMOS) clock to be set to UTC, but it is possible to select that it is set to local time during the installation. That is what I did, as I am dual booting (actually, triple) FreeBSD with Windows 10 (and Void Linux). Now the time displayed is incorrect in...
  5. R

    C Incorrect time

    On my system some API functions seem to have problems with time tracking. My system is FreeBSD 10.3 running on hyper-v server 2012. Calling alarm(20) results in SIGALRM after 11 seconds and sleep(15) returns after 5 seconds. The behavior of sigtimedwait() is as expected, when no signal is...

    bhyve guest date&time is slower and slower...

    I sometimes have a problem with time on bhyve guest. Time flows slower and slower. After restart OpenNTPd service date and time is ok. The problem occurs when I'm resetting host without shutting down the guest. Others VMs work ok with the same settings. On guest: user@vm1:~ % sudo sysctl...
  7. J

    Solved Wrong time but right timezone

    When I enter the date command it returns a time that is 2 hours behind. But when I setup my timezone with tzsetup I do choose the correct timezone. How can I fix this?
  8. eatonphil

    FreeBSD perf stat equivalent

    Is there a FreeBSD equivalent to the Linux command perf stat -r 10 <your app and arguments> that will run a command 10 times and give timing data?