1. Alain De Vos

    texlive-full always recompiles

    Even when i just compiled print/texlive-ful (i.e.texlive-full-20150521) with poudriere it always recompiles ... Reason : Deleting texlive-full-20150521.pkg: new dependency: print/texlive-texmf-source
  2. quamenzullo

    Solved TeX Live 2020 from install script

    Hello, Since the port is outdated I found it more practical to install directly via install-tl script from https://www.tug.org/texlive/quickinstall.html I did not test in 2019, but 2017 and 2018 worked well. I am currently trying to install it again, the same way, but the install ends up with...
  3. quamenzullo

    Solved "pkg upgrade" outputs a lot of "indexinfo: Skipping: *.info: Capabilities insufficient"

    Hello! I performed this in a jail: # pkg upgrade python27 python36 librsvg2 gnutls (These packages are here just as examples, because this happens with any kind of package, since some time. Everything seems to work further fine, but I wonder what this is and how to fix it.) Here's the start of...
  4. emilengler

    LateX with pdflatex?

    Hello, I need a working LaTex suite. For this I installed texlive-base and texlive-texfm However: zsh: command not found: pdflatex How do I get this command working?