1. TzunTzai

    cdce/ ue/ Android/ Dell XPS 15/ wireless

    I've been gone too long. Didn't even know this was a thing! cdce -- USB Communication Device Class Ethernet (CDC ECM/NCM) driver ue0: <USB Ethernet> on cdce0 ue0: Ethernet address: 3e:16:6d:30:a8:79 Android tethering via cdce. Connect to any wireless network via Android and tether to my...
  2. V

    Android USB tethering not working

    I'm not able to ping any IP from ue0 interface, but I'm able to ping just the IP of my phone. Any help on this is much appreciated. Setup details: FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE phone: Moto Z play and Vivo Pro 7 What I have done: I have loaded if_urndis kernel module ran dhclient ue0 ran ifconfig ue0...
  3. M

    Managing networks on a laptop

    I'm currently on Arch Linux and I'm interested in trying with FreeBSD with KDE Plasma (and likely bspwm as an alternative session) on my laptop again after quite some time, and I'm wondering what the way to go there is for managing networks, so easily connecting to and switching between public...
  4. aragats

    Solved Shrunk images when tethering

    [EDIT] The title is renamed from: "Apache: shrunk images - bug or feature?" I've noticed a strange thing. I have a FreeBSD 11.0 server with www/apache24 installed with pkg and very basic configuration. When I access a web page from my laptop using my phone's Internet tethering, the images are...
  5. dch

    iOS tethering & default route

    My iphone 6s+ (the continent-sized one) is recognised in 11.0-CURRENT now: ipheth0: <Apple Inc. iPhone, class 0/0, rev 2.00/8.02, addr 7> on usbus0 ue0: <USB Ethernet> on ipheth0 ue0: Ethernet address: 82:ed:2c:45:8e:f7 I've been doing the following to set up tethering: # pkg install -y...