1. D

    Solved Fonts changed after installing linux-dwarffortress

    Among other issues I'm having with linux packages, after installing linux-dwarffortress my terminal and web browser fonts have been replaced. In my web browser on some pages, I get text that looks like this: And in Alacritty, it acts as if my terminal font is missing. I use...
  2. D

    Solved x11-fonts/terminus unusable after update, unable to get working with Xorg config

    I'm on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE on the quarterly branch, and I use x11-fonts/terminus in the terminal because I think it's quite nice looking for CL use. This morning there was a large packages update, and after completing the upgrade Terminus is no longer seen in Xfce4's Terminal nor any font menu...
  3. rigoletto@

    Solved Awful fonts, specially Terminus.

    Hi, I am running i3wm and I configured most of the desktop to use x11-fonts/terminus-font, including urxvt. It was working as expected while I was using pkg (exclusively), however when I managed to have the things more or less how I want to, I rebuilt everything using ports-mgmt/synth what did...