1. Voltaire

    Solved Micro not working in Telegram

    The video and the headphones work as they should. I can see and hear the other person and he can see me. But the other person can't hear me. In the settings in Telegram I have as output device pcm3: play:dsp3 and input device pcm3:record:dsp3. I have already changed the input device to...
  2. CodeJoule

    Programs are still searching for and now

    Hey all, it's been a while since I posted. I upgraded my system a couple months ago and had to create a link from "" to "" in the same directory I found it. Otherwise some web browsers and Telegram would not work. I upgraded again today and I also had to create a link...
  3. sidetone

    Comparisons of XMPP, Signal, MQTT, Tox, Telegram

    XMPP is said to have a lot of overhead, in part because it uses XML. Also, each message must pass through servers that were used for establishing the connection, rather than more directly afterwards. Telegram markets itself as being very secure, but I've seen past comments that were dubious...