1. ssbear

    Solved Using scp and tcsh generates a "Then/ending not found"

    Hi FreeBSD community! I have a little minor trouble with tcsh since years. Each time I execute a scp, my shell print an error. Here's an example: test@eochla:~ % scp .shrc user@domain: then: then/endif not found. .shrc 100% 694 2.5MB/s...
  2. StreetDancer

    FreeBSD 12.1 - Updated System & "su" root user no longer shows root@domain.tld; blank #

    FreeBSD 12.1 - Updated System & "su" root user no longer shows root@domain.tld; blank # I am not sure what happened or how to revert the changes that a system "pkg upgrade" did to my installation. I used to ssh in and get user@domain.tld ... then issue "su" and get "root@domain.tld" ; now it's...
  3. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 2

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 2
  4. MaxRuse11

    Setting up TCSH

    I've got a Digital Ocean droplet running FreeBSD which I shell into. I can locate tcsh under /bin/tcsh but using setenv in my local .cshrc file doesn't cause this shell to be used on next login. Env reports the shell as sh and the prompt hasn't changed to > Editing master.passwd to use tcsh...
  5. Tu_Vieja

    Software recommendatios for a new(bie) system.

    Greetings, BSDers. In the verge of migrating to a FreeBSD desktop enviroment, I'm looking for some advice about what software is recommended that follow these principles: -"Do one thing and do it well." (The core in UNIX philosophy) -Have a BSD/MIT or any other permissive license. Even if I'm...
  6. dsijams

    tcsh - confusion with quoting

    I am trying to execute the following in a shell script: /usr/local/bin/wget -t 25 -o dwnldlog>=GETDATE()-44 The tcsh does not like () I can't figure how to quote the braces to make the command...
  7. poorandunlucky

    Set NumLock From Shell

    Hey, I used to have a tcsh login script that would set NumLock on for me on login, among other things, however that script has been lost along the media it was on, and I have no idea how I did it. It was insanely simple, and it didn't rely on anything that came with X. I'm 100% certain I'm...