1. U

    How to learn my bluetooth device?

    İ checked handbook and forums and i need to know if my bluetooth device is broadcom or not. How can i learn my bluetooth device. İ mean inside the computer.
  2. A

    How to prevent service/system output while working in interactive shell.

    Hello, is there any way to prevent the system from printing to vt? It's quite annoying when I edit files in vi or ed and the system suddenly tells me that a USB device has disconnected, overwriting the interactive shell. The same goes for services like samba_service. Can anyone tell me how to...
  3. K

    Dump/pass memory, cpu...

    Hi There, I’m thinking about debugging data for whole system/PC. I try to get all data that runs on PC to send it to another PC live to debug. I know there Is possibility to dump memory or debug program/proces, but I would read whole data. I know that it will be bit difficult, because it needs...
  4. goshanecr

    What information need to collect for a freeze diagnosting?

    Good day! I have a periodical freeze with one of FreeBSD instance. Logs have not any messages, and I want start collecting system info every 5 seconds for example and write it to log files, for diagnosting after freeze. That PC has a VirtualBox instance, ZFS on GELI based providers and samba...
  5. megapearl

    samba44 slows down entire system

    Hello, I regularly update my 2 FreeBSD servers using freebsd-update fetch install and portmaster -a. Both running as VM on VMWare ESXi v6.5. After last update both servers are responding extremely slow, especially ssh logins and using su to get root, and SHA256 checksums when upgrading ports...