1. T

    bhyve VM-Bhyve ZFS properties

    Hi everyone, I'm running VM-Bhyve with some Windows VMs. Setup is like this article: Will there be a big improvement on performance if the zfs properties atime=off and sync=disabled are set? The article leaves the properties at...
  2. rockzombie2

    chrome sync not working

    I'm having a weird issue with chrome. I installed it via pkg install chrome, and for some reason, the sync is not working. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this before? It doesn't seem like a known issue and I'm not sure how to go about trouble shooting something like this...
  3. PacketMan

    How to shutdown/reboot the cleanest possible way

    This, from a different discussion, reminded me that I wanted to ask a question ages ago, but never got around to asking. A long time ago I did a basic UNIX course, on System V I think it was, and the instructor said "do a sync before you shutdown, this will ensure disk cache is written out"...
  4. Jimlad

    Other Directory/File sync based on fsnotifier

    Hey all, Linux have inotify to monitor individual files, or to monitor directories. When a directory is monitored, inotify will return events for the directory itself, and for files inside the directory. Poor BSD has lacked this for some time, but it seems one clever guy has filled in the...
  5. B

    How to sync FreeBSD with Google drive

    Hello everybody, I'm a newbie on FreeBSD so I'm sorry for my question. My goal is to have a sync with google drive. I have FreeBSD 10.2 and I would like to have a sync with my google drive. Looking in google I found rclone ( and I believe it's fine for me so I...
  6. A

    SA sync

    Hello everyone, Can you please advice how can I sync IPSEC SAs between 2 routers ? Tried to configure Strongswan fail-over, but looks like FreeBSD has no HA plugin. Thank you Best regards, Alex
  7. el cid

    Solved Unknown why my FreeBSD NAS is synchronizing with another FreeBSD NAS?

    I have two FreeBSD (rel 9.3) NAS, I recently took on this new position and found out that these two NAS are synchronizing data (specifically to /mnt/Store folder) but I can't seem to find where/how this is being synced? I have looked in Rsync, /etc/fstab, but no go. I know this folder...