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  1. S

    Solved PC speaker won't beep properly.

    I installed FreeBSD 13.2 on a physical machine today. As always, I placed the speaker on the motherboard and it beeped as expected when I turned on the machine. But when I tried to get anything out it of using beep, it just gave me low-pitch clicking sounds. That did not use to happen with...
  2. Phishfry

    Buzzer on GPIO Pins

    I am back on this topic. How to get a buzzer on GPIO Pins. I know we have GPIO-LED for assigning pins as System LED. What about /dev/speaker. How can I make a piezo buzzer act as system speaker? https://man.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=speaker
  3. T

    Solved enable console beep

    I want to have my console beep, even though the sound is rather primitive, it works, I use it for alerts so I take action. And, maybe I like the simplicity of it, though you can additionally control the tone and duration, play multiple notes, etc. You can really get creative there, if you want...
  4. S

    Internal Speaker isn't associated with a PCM device

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the internal speaker in an HP T730 (thin client) to operate. I've been looking at the various man pages and trying different device hints - aaand I'm stumped. - The internal speaker *works fine* when I boot a live linux stick (parted magic). So I know that the...
  5. H

    Is it possible to redirect speaker to audio device?

    Is it possible to redirect speaker to audio device? How? My computer does not have speaker, but has audio working. and I want to use it without monitor running a special program. Perhaps the command morse helps. And it would be nice to have a morse login shell, morsesh :).
  6. Bill Evans at Mariposa


    On Linux (gag), I can issue this to device /dev/console: ioctl(fd,KIOCSOUND,6087 /* G below middle C */) ... but even though FreeBSD defines the KIOCSOUND ioctl in /usr/include/sys/kbio.h, it seems to return error 25, Inappropriate ioctl for device (and returns the same if the device is...
  7. agm

    Beep on console missing

    I have an Acer TravelMate P2 laptop ... and I miss the console beep. After readings manuals, handbook and playing with nid pins, reading kernel source I made the following test. I used the usb memstick image (11.2) for boot on this and a similar control system. Boot uefi, set verbose mode in...
  8. P

    Solved Silencing beeping internal computer speaker

    Is there a way to disable the internal computer speaker (Desktop PC) from beeping during normal use? I am using XFCE4 and when I use the right arrow keys once I've reached the rightmost location in certain applications, it makes the computer's internal speaker beep (which is annoying). I would...
  9. Phishfry

    Beep on sucessful bootup

    I have several headless machines and I would like to have a beep "song" play on successful bootup. Just like pfSense. On my APU's it beeps on BIOS POST test but i want more. What is recommended? Do I need to make a rc.d daemon that starts last? Any tutorials or similar threads? I can't find...
  10. N

    No PC Speaker Beeps (bell)

    Normally their are beep tones (bell) that occur for various conditions/actions such as trying to backspace beyond beginning of a console line, echoing/printing the bell control char, running the beep command, etc. But this does not work on Dell Inspiron 1420. Have tried with these FreeBSD...
  11. B


    http://www.manualpages.de/FreeBSD/FreeBSD-ports-9.0-RELEASE/man1/speaker-test.1.html root@ThinkPad:~ # speaker-test speaker-test: Command not found. ???
  12. eeluve

    system beep

    I have done sysctl hw.syscons.bell=0. Also wrote to sysctl.conf. But nothing happens (except for BEEP all the way), even though terminal said: hw.syscons.bell: 1 -> 0 Who is going to pay for my psychotherapist now? Mentally damaged admin of this forum, because of whom noone even joins it? Yes...
  13. mfaridi

    system make beep when unplug cable

    I have two lan card. can I do something like this when cable unplug system make beep and I understand cable is unplug . I use Thunderbird for read and write email . when new email is coming I hear beep from speaker of mainboard and after that I see notification about new email in KDE 4...
  14. Erratus

    How to make console beep?

    Backspace at empty prompt in console makes PC-speeker "beep!", also hitting 'Control-G'. Doing this in KDE-Konsole generates a sound. So far this behaviour is expected. But all my attempts generating a console-beep in scripts fail. Doing this # echo "^G^G^G" ^G^G^G just makes no...
  15. J

    ThinkPad R61, console/terminal bell/beep, snd_hda

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad R61 that loses the "system beep" when the audio driver attaches to the hardware. If I remove "snd_hda_load=YES" from loader.conf and boot up, I get beeps if I generate a terminal bell on the console or in an xterm, and plugging/unplugging the AC adapter also produces the...
  16. CodeBlock

    /dev/speaker default/boot permissions

    Quick question, am I correct in understanding that whenever the 'speaker' module gets loaded, /dev/speaker's permissions get reset to root? If so, how (without doing a hackish @reboot cron), do I default it to .. other permissions? I'd like my user to be able to access it (so I can add '; beep'...
  17. CodeBlock

    no pc/console speaker after portupgrade

    Alright, I'm not 100% sure that it stopped after the portupgrade, but I'm not sure exactly when it stopped. The computer (it's a laptop) used to beep all the time, and .. now I can't get it to beep at all. The only reasonable time I think it could have stopped was a portupgrade...