spanish keyboard

  1. D

    Geli and default US

    Hello, I want try to change the US keymap (Stdin?) that GELI uses to input the password. I used the automatic ZFS Geli encryption. Is it possible to change to spanish keyboard? I was reading this: But not solution found. Thanks, I am newbie at Freebsd. Sorry for my English.
  2. Nureo

    LXDE How to change the keyboard for latinoamerican? ¿Cómo cambiar el teclado a "latinoamericano"?

    Hello everybody. There is not "ñ" in my keyboard, and also some buttons are changed. When I first installed FreeBSD, it was certainly fine. But when I start the LXDE environment, it was the wrong keyboard for me. Can anyone help me (and others like me)? In spanish/En castellano: Hola a...