1. MaxRuse11

    Xfce Cannot set SSDM login to UK keymap

    I've installed XFCE with SDDM. I'm using a UK 105 keymap which is working correctly in terminal, desktop apps like notes etc. By correctly I mean " is shift + 2 and the @ is at the mid-right of the keyboard. However, this mapping isn't being applied to the initial login screen (but is to lock...
  2. GlitchyDot

    Other sddm login manager loops over

    Using Qtile ( git version ) and sddm. As per Qtile documentation - i have qtile.desktop file linked to .xsession file which is identical to .xinitrc file and also tried custom .xsession file from qtile examples - but i have same issue - It starts, i enter my password - but loops back to login...
  3. P

    Solved sddm crash

    I just did a quarterly pkg upgrade (on 11 Oct 2022). After that sddm/kde5 is failing. It gets as far as switching to a higher res with a smaller mouse pointer, then stops with a black screen. No sddm login. This was working previously. /var/log/sddm.log contains [08:07:30.961] (II) DAEMON...
  4. Voltaire

    Solved SDDM ignores settings specified in sddm.conf

    I installed the theme 'Elarun' in the location /usr/local/share/sddm/themes I also created the /usr/local/etc/sddm.conf file. In this sddm.conf file I have the following text: [Theme] Current=Elarun It continues to use the default theme. Is /usr/local/etc/ the correct location for the SDDM...
  5. grahamperrin

    FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-KDE-Plasma (2021-06-23)

  6. F

    Black Screen and Cross-cursor after login (FreeBSD / KDE5)

    Hello ! I have a problem that has been turning my head for 1 day ... That's all, I tried to install FreeBSD on a VMWare virtual machine. I want to install KDE5. My installations and configurations: -xorg -kde5 -sddm sysrc dbus_enable="YES" sysrc hald_enable="YES" sysrc sddm_enable="YES" I...
  7. D

    Solved Can't install sddm themes

    Hi everybody, I have some difficulties to install global themes. Investigating, I've found out sddm theme installation was the cause. Performing sddmthemeinstaller -i exits with 255. As causing system-wide modification, I've guessed it could be a authorization trouble. Indeed, sudo...
  8. L

    What can you do against the "suddenly stopped working" problem in FreeBSD

    This week was my 3rd try of using FreeBSD (as desktop system). Today I am nearly at the point where I give up. I already tested FreeBSD for a longer time some months ago (and another time about 1-2 years ago). Now I use FreeBSD 12.1 (-RELEASE). The 2 times when I used FreeBSD I had the exact...
  9. myshkin

    Solved Unsolvable tearing on both nvidia and intel gpu.

    Good day, I first tried with a nvidia gtx 1050 and the standard nvidia-driver package. But I had a lot of tearing so I wanted to adjust the settings via nvidia-settings. The problem with the standard driver is that nvidia-settings do not open. So then I tried to configure the driver via a...
  10. clawhammer

    Solved sddm not starting on boot and failing when started manually

    when I type service sddm onestart it says it is already running. but all i get is the console. I have my user set to wheel and video. im running freebsd 12.0 release. graphics card drivers loaded and works correctly.
  11. A

    Solved startX failes and so also sddm because of .serverauth files

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up sddm with i3, but I can't seem to get xorg and stuff to work. If I try and start sddm as normal user, I just get a blank screen with no keyboard/mouse input. I get the follwing three errors: Failed to change owner of the socket Error in locking authority file...