1. T

    www/falkon dissappears from the pkg repo too?

    A few days ago, calibre went missing from the pkg repo; this was due to an upgrade from version 3.xx to version 4.xx, so technically understandable, even if it was unfortunate for users. Today I wanted to reinstall falkon (due to some library updates, related to other packages on my system)...
  2. W

    Port for logitechmediaserver on FreeBSD 11.2 may be bad

    I am trying to install logitechmediacenter in a FreeNAS 11.2 jail. All the components (python, Curl etc.) seem to install fine. When it gets to the end of the installation I get the following errors: ===> Checking if logitechmediaserver is already installed ===> Registering installation for...
  3. Alain De Vos

    How to find and delete old and obsolete packages build in a poudriere jail repo?

    My poidriere jail repo got filled. But i don't want to keep what is too old. What is the correct way to find and remove the too old in the poudriere repo.
  4. R

    pkg install => Operation timed out

    Hi, I try to install package via pkg. pkg install xorg Fetching package1.txz:100% Fetching package2.txz:100% pkg: Operation timed out A couple of packages installs but then I got :Operation timed out". I must start the...