Port for logitechmediaserver on FreeBSD 11.2 may be bad

I am trying to install logitechmediacenter in a FreeNAS 11.2 jail. All the components (python, Curl etc.) seem to install fine. When it gets to the end of the installation I get the following errors:
===> Checking if logitechmediaserver is already installed
===> Registering installation for logitechmediaserver-7.9.2.g2018.12.10
then... immediately a bunch of "pkg-static: Unable to access file /usr/ports/audio/logitechmediaserver /work/stage/usr/local/share... No such file or directory".
Perhaps about 30 such file access errors beause the files are not there. I tried installing the package several times always with the same error so I suspect something is wrong with the repo. Can someone check and correct?
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