1. J

    Solved ipv6 and downing interfaces

    I am seeking help here as despite reading the documentation for rc.conf I am clearly missing something. I wish vtnet0 to be disabled on boot along with ipv6 being disabled on vtnet1. I am perhaps being lead astray from the output so forgive me, I am a new user to BSD. rc.conf...
  2. F

    Problem with creating virtual devices in rc.conf

    Hello, I*m relativley new to Unix, Shell and FreeBSD. So, please, please, are not to angry with me, if my question is stupid. I did allways some internet-research, but could not find any answers to my problem. I'm running 12.1-RELEASE-p5 FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p5 GENERIC amd64 as guest in...
  3. bagas

    jail network interface lo

    Hello. Please tell me. I have several jails, in jails you need to raise the lo0 interface. How should I do it? My system FreeBSD 11.3.
  4. A

    How to add many IPV6 ips ? Adding rc.conf aliases just hangs server

    What is the proper way to enable FreeBSD to listen on lets say 4000 IPv6? Adding 4000 them at rc.conf as ifconfig_igb0_aliasXXXX=... " just hangs my server after /etc/netstart All ip's are from 1 subnet but they are not sequential .
  5. R

    How to connect to Samba Server?

    Hey guys, (running freebsd 12.1, samba48) I have initiated a samba server, with the smb4.conf and the rc.conf file having samba_server_enable = "YES" line at the bottom. I am running FreeBSD off a virtual machine, and it has an inet address of (checked using ifconfig). In the...
  6. J

    sysrc name_enable="YES" versus service name enable

    It appears both these commands do exactly the same thing. Which one do you guys prefer to use?

    geli initialization at rc.conf for gmirror drive

    How can I do that? user@serv:~ % l /dev/mirror/mirror 119 crw-r----- 1 root operator - 0x77 Aug 8 14:01:02 2019 /dev/mirror/mirro rc.conf geli_devices="mfid0p8 mirror" geli_mfid0p8_flags="-p -k /root/1.key" geli_mirror_flags="-p -k /root/2.key" mirror/mirror does not work as well.
  8. M

    Solved IPV6 aliases in rc.conf

    I am currently running FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p2, and I can't figure out how to create both IPV4 and IPV6 aliases for a loopback (lo1) interface using rc.conf on boot. Here is a snippet of my /etc/rc.conf: cloned_interfaces="lo1" ifconfig_lo1="inet netmask"...
  9. G

    freebsd 12 no route to host / PKG install

    Two weeks ago (end of December 2019) I installed FreeBSD from USB stick with FREEBSD-12.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd.iso I recall only selecting ipv4 and setting the up to the static IP I wanted my freeBSD box to use. Two days ago there was bad weather and my R7000 was not plugged into UPS during a...
  10. B

    Package name vs service name in rc.conf

    Hi all, Can someone help me understand the reason why package names configured in rc.conf use an underscore while the service name uses a dash/hyphen? Examples: sysrc avahi_daemon_enable=YES sysrc emby_server_enable=YES but service avahi-daemon start service emby-server start I see the...
  11. Donald Baud

    equivalence between FreeBSD and Ubuntu

    I recently found myself forced to work with Ubuntu. I would like to ask what are the equivalence for some common administration tasks. What is the equivalent of: /etc/rc.conf where do I add the SERVICE_ENABLE="YES" and other flags? where do I store the ethernet config on Ubuntu? I read about...
  12. M

    Solved IPv6 and rc.conf

    How do I properly add IPv6 IP addresses in my rc.conf file in FreeBSD 11.1? I was assigned a /64 to my server. Also, how do I apply the changes without rebooting? /etc/netstart ? This is how I am adding them now (IP address has been modified for security) ...
  13. J

    Solved ifconfig persistent pflog1 interface

    Hello forum, I am trying to create a persistent pflog1 interface. I am successful with ifconfig but am trying to add this interface through rc.conf. After reading the manuals for both ifconfig and rc.conf and trying many combinations using ifconfig and ifconfig_, none of them will create the...
  14. R

    Can't run nginx automatically as user

    I have an nginx server configured to run the master service as a non-root user and it runs fine when I manually invoke it by running nginx -c /path/to/nginx.conf as the user 'nginx' but it doesn't work from my rc.conf script. I've tried to automate startup by writing it into an rc.conf script...
  15. B

    Thinkpad X300 - Slim Woes

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to give FreeBSD a go on my old X300 laptop. Got everything running apart from my graphics card. For some reason it defaults to 640x480. I have installed Xorg, LXDE and Slim packages and now I am unable to login through Slim, it looks like the graphics card driver...
  16. P

    Other No chdir happening for rc.d script

    I've hit a wall trying to understand why the ${name}_chdir variable is not working for me. Finally, after letting my script run with -xv, I see that the cd command is not even being run in my case. Here is my script: #!/bin/sh set -xv exec 1>/tmp/awning.rclog 2>&1 # REQUIRE: NETWORKING...
  17. D

    How can I destroy carp VHID

    Hello after carp configuration on my IMS interface I see that I have also 2 INIT state vhid configured on EXT interface. IMS: flags=8943 metric 0 mtu 1500 options=103<RXCSUM,TXCSUM,TSO4> ether e4:11:5b:b0:0a:fa inet netmask 0xfffffff0 broadcast inet...
  18. Kalero

    Other Some questions about installing Lumina Desktop Environment

    Hi, I've read at some pages with instructions for installing Lumina that dbus and hald should be enabled at /etc/rc.conf. Otherwise, in Lumina's FAQ they say Lumina doesn't need any framework like dbus or hald. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of enabling dbus and/or hald at...
  19. N

    Bridge setup in rc.conf

    Hi, My server have two physical ethernet ports. On igb0 comes tagged vlan traffic. I want igb1 to be used as a normal switch port with untagged traffix from vlan 1 so that I can connect my old network printer without using an additional physical network switch. This is relevant parts of my...
  20. forquare

    Solved Troubleshooting service startup

    Good afternoon all, I've installed Gitlab into a FreeBSD 10.2 Jail and got everything working nicely, except for the fact that when the Jail starts, Gitlab doesn't...All of the other related services start (redis, postgresql, and nginx). The rc script I'm using is from here and I've placed it...