1. clawhammer

    Solved Whats happening when I type ls and then press ^d?

    On the command line. when I do it with ls command it displays: ls ls-F lsextattr lsvfs. when I do it with cat command it displays: cat catman. I'm reading The Unix Programming environment book and it says ^d sends the info to the program reading from the terminal.
  2. clawhammer

    Solved raspbsd on pi3 with a 1024x768 8" monitor spilling over screen.

    I have tried all the overscan options, the hdmi mode and group options, turning overscan on and off. I am at my wits end with this. When I modify the /boot/config.txt file and change display setting when I reboot the pi3 nothing on the screen changes at all. EDIT:____________________________ I...
  3. clawhammer

    Solved raspbsd how to adjust console text to the right.

    I am having trouble reading my screen as it is to the left 3 letters. It's confusing trying to get around and I looked some things up and it seems raspbsd doesnt have the same commands as freebsd? Is there a way I can shift my terminal text to the right? I am using HDMI on a EYOYO 8" screen...