Solved raspbsd how to adjust console text to the right.

I am having trouble reading my screen as it is to the left 3 letters. It's confusing trying to get around and I looked some things up and it seems raspbsd doesnt have the same commands as freebsd? Is there a way I can shift my terminal text to the right? I am using HDMI on a EYOYO 8" screen.

does bsdconfig not work for this? mine says command not found.
Have you tried setting overscan options?
I guess it's explained in /boot/msdos/config.txt:
# uncomment this if your display has a black border of unused pixels visible
# and your display can output without overscan

# uncomment the following to adjust overscan. Use positive numbers if console
# goes off screen, and negative if there is too much border
Also it was already discussed in this thread.
clawhammer , if you look into /etc/fstab, you'll find that the first msdos partition is supposed to be mounted under /boot/msdos:
/dev/mmcsd0s1   /boot/msdos msdosfs rw,noatime  0 0
However, the "version" of config.txt provided by RaspBSD is reduced to a few lines. You can find its documentation on Raspberry Pi's site.
it also said the config.txt should be in /boot.
The RPi site describes stuff for Linux. But even in Linux /boot is a mount point, where the first partition (FAT) is mounted.
Generally speaking, it can be anywhere, but the boot loader must be aware of its location.
why is it called an msdos partition? does freebsd also have this partition?
Because it's FAT (developed by MS). The boot loader (u-boot) does not support UFS, that's why we have to keep its stuff on FAT.
The original image from RaspBSD has config.txt on that partition, which is mounted at /boot/msdos since /boot itself contains FreeBSD boot stuff.