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  1. sidetone

    UFS Is there a generic driver to use Raid cards as regular SATA cards?

    Is there a way to use a RocketRaid or any Raid card as a regular SATA interface on FreeBSD? I'm hoping that there's a generic driver that treats about any PCI card with a SATA interface as a regular SATA interface, regardless of whether it uses any RAID or other features. It's a RocketRaid...
  2. W

    Solved Help Please - Controller Card Driver Install

    I am going to start off and say that I have very very limited experience with CLi in Linux and I am finding out FreeBSD is different. I have a Highpoint Rocket Raid 3740A card that I need to get installed on my FREEBSD system. Attached is the readme file and I also have a link to the driver...
  3. C

    H310 Mini no raid mode with ZFS?

    Good day everyone, I have recently purchased a Dell R320 server with the H310 mini card. This card has a no raid mode where the disks show up individually (AFAIK, it does not create a raid 0 array for each disk). I would like to know if using this mode is safe for ZFS? BTW, the mini card cannot...