1. K

    X11Forwarding over SSH + PuTTY(or something else)

    Hi, the friendliest IT-community of the world! You guys already helped me with my custom FreeBSD 13.2 installation on ZFS and now I need your help one more time. I've read that there's way not to use VNC things for remote access to my PC, but using only SSH and remote terminal program like...
  2. A

    PuTTY showing square instead of < and >

    Hi, I am running FreeBSD 13.2 amd64 and I always to PuTTY to SSH the box. Locale and translation in PuTTY are all also UTF-8. When I do man pkg, it shows square instead of < and > as attached. I tried many other codepages but it only make thing worse. Can someone kindly point me to the right...
  3. Aknot

    Lost connection to server using Putty (due to packet loss)

    Hello, I'm using Putty to connect to my FreeBSD server. Several times a day, my connection drops due to packet loss (ISP capacity problems). They are very short, but enough to disconnect my Putty session. This is very annoying, and I wonder if there is something we can do in FreeBSD, increase...
  4. R

    11.1, X11, MS Windows, Putty, VcXsrv

    Commissioning a FreeBSD 11.1 box starting with an empty HD. From MS Windows, using VcXsrv and PuTTY, am unable to start X11 programs. When I login using PuTTY, VCXsrv already running, these two lines are in the lines displayed. /usr/local/bin/xauth: (stdin):1: bad display name "unix:10.0" in...
  5. Farhan Khan

    Mouse with PuTTY in Vim

    Silly question, when I am using PuTTY to my FreeBSD box and go into vim, if I try to click, it does not copy-paste text as it used to. Instead, it sends vim into visual mode or does some other arbitrary command. How do I disable this and go back to default behavior? If its something in...