1. Aknot

    Lost connection to server using Putty (due to packet loss)

    Hello, I'm using Putty to connect to my FreeBSD server. Several times a day, my connection drops due to packet loss (ISP capacity problems). They are very short, but enough to disconnect my Putty session. This is very annoying, and I wonder if there is something we can do in FreeBSD, increase...
  2. R

    11.1, X11, MS Windows, Putty, VcXsrv

    Commissioning a FreeBSD 11.1 box starting with an empty HD. From MS Windows, using VcXsrv and PuTTY, am unable to start X11 programs. When I login using PuTTY, VCXsrv already running, these two lines are in the lines displayed. /usr/local/bin/xauth: (stdin):1: bad display name "unix:10.0" in...
  3. Farhan Khan

    Mouse with PuTTY in Vim

    Silly question, when I am using PuTTY to my FreeBSD box and go into vim, if I try to click, it does not copy-paste text as it used to. Instead, it sends vim into visual mode or does some other arbitrary command. How do I disable this and go back to default behavior? If its something in...