1. draga79

    bhyve Article about moving from Proxmox to FreeBSD

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an article that I recently wrote about migrating from Proxmox to FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor. The article covers the process of migrating virtual machines, storage, and networking from Proxmox to bhyve, and includes tips and tricks that I learned along the way...
  2. F

    Proxmox | Cloud-Init initialization using FreeBSD VM QCOW2 image

    Hello! I managed to successfully clone the FreeBSD images for versions 12.3 and 13.0 but I have two small issues with the "FreeBSD - cloudinit" combination. Specifically, I intend to activate the `sshd` service from the first boot and set the root user password. The lines below do exactly the...
  3. K

    bhyve Problem starting a machine with cbsd

    hello, I already have a virtualized machine with a cbsd. I want to move this virtual machine to freebsd installed on proxmox. I transfer the .img file to my freebsd machine in proxmox with the cbsd bexport and cbsd bimport commands. However, when I run the virtual machine I transferred, the...
  4. F

    Solved Lot of network disconnects

    Hi, devs! I'm one small hosting provider from Romania and today I've discovered one strange BUG on our client's machine. It is running FreeBSD 13 32bits, clean install. We can see on console lot of network connection drops and we have no idea why it happens. I've tried to do some research but...
  5. F

    FreeBSD 11.3 32bits on Gaming Hardware

    Hello! I have rented an OVH Game server with specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 64GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz 2x SSD NVMe 500GB Enterprise Class Soft RAID I've created a KVM VPS using Proxmox and and when I boot from CD-ROM FreeBSD 11.3 iso, I always get following error: Any solution? Thank you!