1. T

    Solved Process-shared mutex issues in FreeBSD 12.3?

    I am having timing-specific problems with a process-shared mutex in FreeBSD 12.3; sometimes pthread_mutex_lock or pthread_mutex_unlock will throw an exception. I have seen comments that process-shared mutexes were not supported in some older versions of FreeBSD, but it appears it should be...
  2. D

    Solved Installing TDE - Ninja stuck running tests on tdepim

    I am installing the FreeBSD port of Trinity, but ninja is stuck on "[29/30] Running tests.." during the make process there. I ctrl + c'd and ran make install clean again, and this time its just "[0/1] Running tests..." so I opened htop, and it's running "ninja -C...
  3. V

    How to start and run a process in the background and continue to use a terminal?

    Whenever I start my browser I do ssh -X -C jailuser@ chrome This starts my browser in a jail routed only through Wireguard.The issue is that I now have to have that terminal open with all the output of Chrome. How can I start a program, in this case chrome, as a background process? I want...
  4. aragats

    How to get rid of a dead Firefox process?

    It's not a zombie, but I cannot kill it. Initially I quit Firefox, then tried to start it, it reported it's already running, after a while I was able to start it, however, that process remained in STOP state. I tried killing it with no luck, then it was adopted by init after I killed its...
  5. 1

    Bringing back the output of a process back to screen

    After a few days of searching I found this easy way to bring back the output of a process back to screen even if the source terminal is closed. The advantage is that you do not need extra software to manage this. 1. Start the process, write it to a new pipe and send it to the background f.e...
  6. amiramix

    ZFS nice for disk?

    I am unpacking a large tar file. top -m io shows that bsdtar uses 100.00% (not sure of what, probably disk io). Is it possible to "throttle" the disk usage when starting the tar command in a similar way that nice -n 20 would "throttle" the amount of CPU the process takes (alters the scheduling...
  7. M

    Solved Some clarification on resource control

    From There are two seemingly contradictory statements on ability to change resource controls of processes. Quoting: And further, Confused what to deduce? The first one is for process under a user account? And the next one is just for...