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    Where are the powerd log files?

    I have enabled powerd on my desktop. Is there a way to gain insight into what it is doing to save energy? I looked around for its log files but I could not find any. Where can I see powerd's logs?
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    powerd vs hwpstate_intel on a CPU with Intel Speed Shift

    My desktop computer has an Intel CPU that supports Intel Speed Shift. # sysctl dev.cpufreq.0.freq_driver dev.cpufreq.0.freq_driver: hwpstate_intel0 If the computer is using the hwpstate_intel driver, does it mean that the computer has no need to run powerd? Does it mean that I should remove...
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    powerd vs powerxx my experiments and observations

    My laptop is AMD A9-9425 with 12gb ram 1 tb hdd running FreeBSD 13.2 RC5 with Xorg LXQT SDDM installed and running. Following changes made to stock FreeBSD install kern.hz=500 kern.preempt_thresh=171 kern.eventtimer.timer=HPET performance_cx_lowest=Cmax economy_cx_lowest=Cmax These above...
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    freq_levels shown only for one core of dual core cpu

    sysctl -a | grep dev.cpu.* shows freq_levels for only cpu.0 even freq is also being shown for dev.cpu.0 why is this happening?
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    powerd causing problems with ryzen

    I use FreeBSD 11.0 with an Ryzen R7 1700X Processor since March, the first thing i recognised switching over to Ryzen was significantly improved performance compared to my Phenom X6 1100T. The Power-Consumption has become very low. I struggled a lot of Problems within wine, having very low...