I use FreeBSD 11.0 with an Ryzen R7 1700X Processor since March, the first thing i recognised switching over to Ryzen was significantly improved performance compared to my Phenom X6 1100T. The Power-Consumption has become very low.

I struggled a lot of Problems within wine, having very low performance even with Ryzen. Last week i decided to overclock my cpu, the overclocking turned off all the power-saving-features and the first thing i recognised was that my performance was many times higher then before. My computer usually crashed several times a day, rarely i could run my computer 2 days without having to restart because of the machine completely freezing. Since overclocking it my machine keeps running, no problems anymore.

I did also constantly getting error-messages from powerd within my output, they are gone now. I already thought this might be causing the freezes but i didnt think this is also powering my machine at its lowest p-state.

Ryzen-Support should be added and more control over power-saving features to avoid performance holes.