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  1. Bobi B.

    Solved isc-dhcp44-server port lacking --enable-use-sockets configure option

    Greetings. I look forward to use net/isc-dhcp44-server to answer to DHCP relays. It is a bit unusual configuration, where relay runs on the same machine (because it does a bit more than just relaying DHCP packets), therefore have to address the DHCP server by an IP address, using sockets. The...
  2. Harmnot

    Should i build new kernel ?

    Hey, I just finished install FreeBSD 11 on external harddisk, and I want to ask about kernel, should I rebuild kernel after installation? I was building kernel , and I cancel it after a hour because it was take very long time and my laptop got very hot on for it , I follow This instructions to...
  3. Harmnot

    Pkg install (namepackage) very slow

    I install from pkg and it is very slow, when I install the desktop KDE for 1GB It takes hours, very slow speed. On Linux, it more fast for 1 GB to download I have edited mirror on FreeBSD.conf Pkg0.twn.freebsd.prg (I am in Asia) so I use Taiwan for the closest mirror. Is there any something I...
  4. Harmnot

    Solved Failed Startx after PKG install xorg

    I was install Xorg on x11/xorg to make install clean, but it was take times and more 2 hours , so I cancel it and run pkg install xorg Then trying to rename or remove the xorg.conf as handbook FreeBSD said and then startx The error message Open dev/drive/card0 : no such file or directory...
  5. F

    Support for your FreeBSD version has ended

    Good day - I've come across a weird problem with installing ports in a new jail. Using FreeBSD 11.1 with ezjail, updated with the latest patches. You may suggest to install the package, but I want to change something in the defaults (MySQL support). Host System # uname -a FreeBSD...
  6. M

    Building my own port/package distributing over self hosted repo

    Hi, from the question you can guess I'm relatively new to FreeBSD.... What I wanna do is to build a package (web application from a git repository) and install it with pkg on a target system. So by reading a lot (handbook, porters handbook, web) my understanding is that I would place my...
  7. N

    looking for old ports/packages

    Hi, I am looking for following version ports cmake-3.7.2 cmake-modules-3.7.2 git-2.12.1 sqlite3-3.18.0 ruby21-2.1.10_1,1 rsync-3.1.2_6 Above listed ports are not available on http://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:10:amd64/ I checked all releases and quarterly folders but same version ports are not...

    Setting poudriere options on a single port

    I'm not sure if this is possible but I would like to change an option from poudriere.conf, but only for a specific port, specifically devel/llvm. The problem is when I try to compile devel/llvm I think the builder might be running out of tmpfs space because it claims : /usr/bin/ld: final link...
  9. goshanecr

    What state of kde5 on FreeBSD?

    Hi friends! I want to install kate for development, and I want use actual version from kde5 applications, help me please, is it exists in ports?
  10. Petr Fischer

    Solved Building nginx in a jail with ssl=base (without openssl port dependency)

    Hello, I am trying to build nginx from ports, but I don't want dependency to openssl from ports. I want "base" FreeBSD openssl. Default nginx package has no dependency to external openssl package. I am building in a jail. I have this in make.conf: WRKDIRPREFIX= /var/ports DISTDIR=...
  11. M

    How can I install php53 port if it disappears in ports tree after portsnap update?

    Two days ago, I reinstalled my FreeBSD system with a new version - FreeBSD11. After updating ports tree by portsnap I found out that port php53 is missing. How can I get it back? I need to install PHP v.5.3.
  12. goshanecr

    Asterisk AMI binds to random port

    Hi friends! I try to research net/asterisk13, and setup it. I have not change any configs except manager.conf. In manager.conf I set enabled=yes and add section with user: [admin] secret=secret read = system,call,log,verbose,agent,user,config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan write =...
  13. S

    IPFW Block all ports&connections but allow only this port

    Hi, i have a problem, i want to block all ports but allow port 25. I trying some rules but not working it. Please, can you help me? Here is my try: #!/bin/sh ipfw -q -f flush cmd="ipfw add" $cmd 00010 check-state $cmd 00020 deny ip from any to any #SSH $cmd 11020 allow tcp from any to any...
  14. pouria.mzt

    C++ in FreeBSD

    Hello, I have made a software/package using C++ in FreeBSD, now I need to know how to porting it to FreeBSD ports/packages? It contains two methods to be installed: binary files and source code.
  15. D

    libgcc_s.so.1 incorrect for port

    Hello, I am in the process of porting numba to FreeBSD, the submitted port 211347 has an outstanding issue. Documentation requires that a user should be able to type from a python interpreter: import numba However, this complains with /lib/libgcc_s.so.1 not using the gcc48 library. Instead the...

    Poudriere on Low Resource Machine

    I'm running poudriere on a very low resource machine. It is an old HP Mediasmart EX470 with 1 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of swap. It's running ZFS with 4 hard drives mirrored in 2 VDEVs. I have ran a test build and it seems to run fine however I was looking at seeing what I could do to optimize...
  17. N

    Created port of gsh

    gsh is a command line program for running commands on multiple remote hosts in parallel. The port has few dependencies and operates in a manner similar to dsh (distributed shell). The upstream project is here: https://github.com/kees/gsh And my port of gsh can be found here, in case anyone...
  18. N

    Testing new port for squashfuse

    I have created a port for the Squashfuse command line program. It allows the user to mount a squash archive under a local directory and explore it. Existing FreeBSD ports allow for the extraction (unpacking) of a squashfs archive, but if we only want to browse the contents of a squash archive...
  19. N

    Port of OpenBSD's doas

    Last year the OpenBSD developers created an alternative to "sudo" called "doas". The doas program has a simpler configuration file and is quite small, keeping the code tiny and, one hopes, secure. I have ported the OpenBSD 5.9 version of doas over to FreeBSD 10.3 (with a lot of help from the...
  20. amiramix

    pipelight and playonbsd

    Port emulators/playonbsd depends on emulators/i386-wine-devel and emulators/pipelight depends on emulators/i386-wine-staging. So when I want to install pipelight pkg asks me to uninstall playonbsd. Does it mean playonbsd is incompatible with pipelight? Are two versions of wine really necessary...