Other Wifi signal icon at Lumina desktop

Hi, I installed Lumina desktop 0.8.7 on FreeBSD 10.2 and if I look for Lumina screenshots at the web, I see they have the typical wifi signal icon at the system tray, but I can't find it in the plugins list for the panel (Lumina is a plugin based desktop). I've searched at FreeBSD packages and I've found net/wmwifi, that is a dockapp to show the wifi signal, but I can't get it embedded at the panel. Does anybody know how to get that wifi signal icon? Many thanks.

Hmm, the port contains ONLY_FOR_ARCHS= amd64. Seems like it's not build for FreeBSD/i386. I wonder why that is?
The PC-BSD project only supports the AMD64 architecture so it would make sense some of their tools are only available for that architecture.
So there's no way to have a wifi signal icon at the system tray on x86_32 architecture?
I didn't know the portsnap fetch extract downloads ports for any architecture, I thought it only downloads ports for your specific architecture. And a last stupid question: where do you see the ONLY_FOR_ARCHS= amd64 (apart of in the Makefile)?