1. NapoleonWils0n

    Chromium 73 picture in picture video now working

    Chromium 73 has just been released today and picture in picture mode for video is now working To use pip right click on a video playing on youtube twice, the second time you right click you will see a picture in picture option which will pop the video out of the browser window If you are...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    chromium 71 is out picture in picture crashes

    Hi All Chromium has finally been updated from version 68 to 71. So I thought I'd try out the picture in picture, basically on a youtube page you right click twice on the video and then you get an option to open the video in PIP mode. That then opens the video in its own window which then...
  3. F

    matplotlib in python 2.7 virtualenv on FreeBSD 11

    Hi Forum I am trying to install matplotlib in a Python 2.7.15 virtualenv (created using virtualenvwrapper) on FreeBSD 11-RELEASE system. It seems that I am running in a somewhat known problem with the installation of numpy (cf. the edit in post #3 of "Matplotlib python3 anyone?" [1]). After a...