1. E

    Sshfs needs doas, how to use sshfs as an unprivileged user?

    Using a fresh install of FreeBSD 13.0. I'm trying to mount a remote directory on a linux server via sshfs with the following command: sshfs user@x.x.x.x:/home/user/Dir/dir/ /usr/home/anotheruser/DestinationDir/ -p1234 -v -o idmap=user,uid=X,guid=Y,allow_other,follow_symlinks,reconnect The...
  2. DWAM

    Issues with permissions on Bind 9 log files

    Hi ! Very new to this FreeBSD universe. Installed my very first FreeBSD VM server yesterday even though I have been using pfSense and FreeNAS variants for over 10 years. Trying to find a reliable solution to switch from CentOS & Ubuntu servers for basic but important applications. I started my...
  3. sidetone

    Solved Can't log into windowmanager though XDM

    I had this problem for a while, that I couldn't get into my desktop through XDM. I thought I could have messed something up on my computer that made this not work, but after installing FreeBSD 13.0, there's still the same problem. Only one other person said they had this problem on here before...
  4. T

    tar copy files without metadata

    How can I copy files and directories without overwriting the existing metadata on the target? I have configuration files in a repository that configure the system. The source files are owned by a regular user, but the target has files owned by other users including root. tar cf - . | tar xf -...
  5. Buck

    Properly setting scp permissions for www and user access

    I need to set up permissions properly on a web folder for two users and apache's www user. The hierarchy looks like so: /var/www/ contains several folders for several websites managed by user1. /var/www/special/ contains a special website folder managed by user2. Therefore, I need user1 to be...
  6. T

    Understanding permissions in jails and host

    Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded my FreeBSD 10.3 server to 11.2. With this change, I also setup my system using jails: - Plex - Samba - Apache PHP stack - Nginx Node.js stack - Database stack - Etc. I have two ZFS pools: - zfs-os the FreeBSD OS - data mounted to /data I am using...
  7. daBee

    nginx Permissions Clarification

    Hi folks. My workstation is a Mac (El Capitan), and I have a FreeBSD box on version 11.1 Release, running nginx on both. Both have the user commented out, yet I continue to get errors on the following commands on the FreeBSD box: $ nginx -t nginx: the configuration file...
  8. G

    Filesystem permissions!? Normal user can delete root/400 file!!!?

    Hello, I think something's very wrong here, but there should be an explonation, I just don't know what it is and I would really appreciate some help. I have created a file owned by root:wheel and I have change it's permissions to 400 (-r--------) and when I switch to my user which is not root...
  9. nixdmon

    Unable to change user umask

    Hi All, I've been trying to change umask of a local user. I've looked around for instructions, and tried adding umask in .login_conf in user's home directory. me:\ :umask=002: Also ran cap_mkdb .login_conf after modification. umask remains 022, unchanged. In addition, I've changed...

    Too secure /tmp for OpenLDAP and OpenDKIM

    I have a problem with permissions on /tmp folder. I've changed permissions from drwxrwxrwt root wheel tmp/todrwxr-xr-t root wheel tmp/Then I could not start OpenLDAP. Can someone support me with this issue? (I want to keep 1755 permissions) slapd[78705]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.45 (Jul 2 2017...
  11. L

    Rsync group ownership using modules

    OK, I have a client (booker) and server (fourroses). I want to run a script on booker that uses rsync to copy files to fourroses and keep all user and group ownership attributes the same. I have had success maintaining file attributes running rsync in regular instead of daemon mode. But I...
  12. zorb847

    file permissions

    Sorry for another noobie question I broke my system beyond the point that I can fix it and seems that it will be easier to just to format and re-install. I have my home directory copied off to an external drive. My question is: if after I re-install, I will create user with the same name and...
  13. daBee

    NFS Sharing of /

    Hi folks. NFS up and running, but the /etc/exports file has me stumped. I want to share the whole / so I inserted this directive: # /etc/exports / -alldirs hq.local /home -alldirs /home/rich/ -network The last 2 directives were added later to see if I...
  14. daBee

    Edit files through FTP

    I'm looking to use FTP as a filesharing system on my LAN. I can mount the volume on my LAN, and can read files, but not write. Is this a permissions issue, or can I provide some directives in a conf file so I can write? Cheers
  15. C

    libcdio as non-root user

    This issue has been doing my head in for hours and to be honest I've just run out of ideas. I'm trying to use libcdio to access my /dev/cd0 drive as a normal user (in group operator) but it just isn't having it. However, root works fine. Testing with a couple of programs I've found the port...
  16. aragats

    Solved mount point listing is not permitted for root

    I have a USB flash drive with ext4 mounted by ext4fuse:$ mount | grep fuse /dev/fuse on /mnt/usb (fusefs, local, nosuid, synchronous, mounted by sergeym)$ grep ext4 /etc/fstab /dev/da0s1 /mnt/usb ext4 mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ext4fuse,noauto,late,rw 0 0Here are the permissions on the...
  17. Zack

    Solved Can't delete files in /var/log

    I'm trying to remove /var/log/rkhunter.log and the swap files associated with it. As a root user, I keep getting permission errors. ls -lo rkhunter* -rwxr--r-- 1 root wheel - 5982 Nov 7 03:31 rkhunter.log -rwxr--r-- 1 root wheel - 17412 Nov 6 23:54 rkhunter.log.old -rwxr--r-- 1 root...
  18. dnel

    Solved Undeletable system files

    I unpacked base.txz onto a running FreeBSD system and then went to remove it, however because permissions on some files look like this: -r-sr-xr-x 1 root wheel 26320 Sep 29 02:45 login* Even root cannot delete these files. What can I do to forcibly delete them?
  19. R

    C setreuid() returns "operation not permitted" even it was sudo'ed

    Hello, I was testing one of my software on FreeBSD ,Where in the software i've been trying to replace the Real/Effective UID and GID of the process using below two functions setregid(),setreuid(). But these both functions return -1 as a result(when i got the errno to print it ssys "operations...
  20. pming

    Solved Directory owner can not access directory

    So the last few days I had lots of trouble trying to set up my host as a domain member with samba4, eventually I gave up and tried to run it as a standalone server. But even then, I would get "Permission denied" or "Access denied" both on my MacBook and Windows 10 PC. I have set up a ZFS...