1. huckfinn

    bhyve hw.vm.* settings for a dual Xeon L5640

    Hi, I'm running FreeBSD 11.1 on an Fujitsu Siemens RX300 S6, with two Xeon L5640. I've to use for software legacy reaons an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to develop a large set of PhaseOne IIQ images (SDK is released for Linux 16.04). I use bhyve and it worked very well out of the box . Thank you FreeBSD...
  2. T

    iwm - getting more performance out of it?

    The performance of my iwm wireless seems really bad. Example: root@kg-z30b# speedtest --simple Ping: 15.741 ms Download: 5.02 Mbit/s Upload: 0.59 Mbit/s root@kg-z30b# speedtest --simple Ping: 20.873 ms Download: 3.63 Mbit/s Upload: 0.60 Mbit/s root@kg-z30b# speedtest --simple Ping: 16.086 ms...
  3. P

    Downgrading from 11.1 to 10.3

    I'd like to downgrade from 11.1 back to 10.3. I feel 10.3 booted faster and had better support for Xorg based desktops I used freebsd-ugrade if that helps
  4. P

    Downgrading Xorg

    Hello I recently upgraded from 10.3 to 11.1 and ever since my Xfce desktop has been behaving like a drunk laggard. Things like multiple chrome windows with a few tabs on each (say 5 to 7) causes the desktop to slow down considerably. Some websites do not even open now taking forever until I...
  5. French Fries

    ZFS PostgreSQL and zfs/ufs performace

    Dear friends, I am migrating from Debian GNU/Linux to FreeBSD. I could be using KfreeBSD, but I prefer blending-edge and also become part of a community, so I will not stick to Debian, although I appreciate the spirit. The server board has 32 CPUs, 32GB of RAM, 1 x SSD and 5 x SATA disc...
  6. Y

    powerd causing problems with ryzen

    I use FreeBSD 11.0 with an Ryzen R7 1700X Processor since March, the first thing i recognised switching over to Ryzen was significantly improved performance compared to my Phenom X6 1100T. The Power-Consumption has become very low. I struggled a lot of Problems within wine, having very low...
  7. B

    ZFS ZFS read performance of mirrored VDEVs

    Hi. I'm building a new system for a small data warehouse and have been testing disk performance in various zpool configurations using up to 14 drives. Every configuration seems to be performing as expected except for sequential reads across mirror sets. Could somebody please either correct my...
  8. goshanecr

    Thereotical question about today's software

    Good day! I want to ask, what do you think about such problem. Or maybe this is not a problem at all? All we hear about Moore's law and it seems to work for current days. So from 90's to 2017 CPU performance, RAM capacity and HDD capacity grows in nearly 1000 times. But why all today's desktop...

    SSHD performance FreeBSD vs GNU/Linux

    Hello! After some testing I've found out that my FreeBSD sshd daemon takes more CPU time than other OS (11% vs 6%). The same usage for 20Mb/s and for 90Mb/s. It doesn't matter from where I start SSH session. Please look at the following information. #1 OS: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p3 #2 Other...
  10. J

    Closed Why, as a programmer and desktop user, I seem I cannot give up Linux for FreeBSD

    Hello. I am a C/C++ Python and Java developer at the Elettra Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Trieste, Italy. For the control system we use and produce open source software, and we develop under linux. I have been a fan of FreeBSD since my laurea degree thesis back in 2004. To cope with work...
  11. dave

    Samba 4.3 on ZFS Tuning / Performance

    I have a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE server running samba 4.3. I'm trying to figure out why I only get about 24MB/s out of samba when my ZFS array is capable of much faster speeds and I am on a gigabit network connection. Some info: Samba up/down Speeds: ~24MB/s SCP up/down speeds: ~ 80MB/s $ sudo...
  12. C

    Advice for selecting a proper FreeBSD platform for proxy/URL filtering

    Hello all, since 2002 I had a FreeBSD 3.x installation, in the role of firewall and proxy, with URL filtering. Not fancy hardware, just a Pentium 4 system with a 2Gb and a hdd to serve the needs of 130 (at the time again) users. The WAN link was a 1Mbps ADSL line. In 2008 the system got a WAN...
  13. C

    UFS Workload generators - huge performance variant

    While using two different I/O generators, I'm seeing a huge performance difference. I'm hoping someone may know why. My guess is, the I/O path through the stack may be vastly different between the two tools. Drive: PCIe HHHL, 3.2TB NVMe Link: x4 PCIe 3.0 Driver: FreeBSD 10.3 nvme inbox Tools...
  14. 2

    Solved Why FreeBSD is so slow?

    Hello everybody :) I have installed and tested FreebsdFreeBSD 10.2 on my laptop - Lenovo X220 - because iI want to use a real Unix system for it robustness. Previously iI have installed for many years Debian with lightweight package (openbox, pcmanfm). When I compare experiences FreebsdFreeBSD...
  15. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    Solved Why is my system so slow?

    This might seem a question about less, but I don't think it is. I have two systems with basically the same hardware, one running Linux and one running 10.2-RELEASE. On each, I run less on a half-megabyte text file. On FreeBSD, it takes almost a minute for data to show on the screen. On...
  16. A

    Solved Network performance tuning question

    Hello, I see the following log messages related to network (hn- synthetic Hyper-V network interface): % tail /var/log/messages Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel: hn0: exceed max page buffers,37,32 Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel: hn0: exceed max page buffers,37,32 Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel...