PF How BSD pf performance depend on CPU frequency, L2/L3 cache size


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Hi, hardware gurus!

How exactly BSD pf performance (in matter of low latency, high PPS, etc) depend on bus frequency, main CPU frequency and L2/L3 cache size in multi-package (mean physical multi-CPU, like Intel E5500/5600, E5-2000 series) server systems that intend working as border firewall with a lot of double/quad PCIe 2.0+ NICs ?

Note, we not speak about using firewall in VMs, only bare metal + FreeBSD.

THANK You for attention and much detailed answers!

Kristof Provost

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I'm not aware of anyone having done a benchmarking series across different CPUs, so there's not really any information there.

It may be more useful for you to tell us what sort of performance your application needs.

To give you an idea, the latest version of FreeBSD pf can push around 18Mpps (in simple setups) on my particular hardware configuration.