1. I

    jails How to write devfs_ruleset so PCI devices are visible in a jail?

    How can I configure PCI to be available in jails? If I try to execute this inside the jail: then I get this error: The default devfs_ruleset for jails is "4" This ruleset hides everything to the jail. (I think this is the reason.) So, how can I write a devfs_ruleset to unhide PCI devices...
  2. I

    jails Does PCI Passthrough to a jailed bhyve VM work?

    Does PCI Passthrough to a jailed bhyve VM work, for the latest version - FreeBSD 14.1? I know PCI passthrough works for bhyve VMs. But does it work if the bhyve VM is inside a jailed? How do I configure that?
  3. S

    Wifi shows up in pciconf, but not configured as wlan0

    After a few days of hacking, I'm very close to finally using FreeBSD. I think I have one (hopefully) final step left, to get wifi working. Currently, my wifi adapter shows up in pciconf, but it doesn't seem to show up as wlan0. Running net-mgmt/wifimgr gives me the error ifconfig: interface...
  4. I

    Obtaining more information about PCI

    I'm trying to obtain more information about my PCI. When I run "pciconf -lv", I do get a list information. However, when I run "pciconf -lc" (with the -c option), I get: Both are ran under "root" user, so it it not a permission problem. I need some help. Could someone please tell me why...
  5. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ?

    Hi, FreeBSD guru! Is it possible at all to see which NIC is installed in which PCI slot by script ? As I know this may be something near the dmidecode and pciconf commands. But interesting to determine which exactly motherboard PCI slot are used for which NIC. I know that different...
  6. jdb

    vm-bhyve problems with ethernet (realtek) pci passtrough

    Hey guys :) I have problems with getting pci passtrough and vm-bhyve to work. Every time I start the VM the whole host system freezes and reboots (I think only when an ethernet cable is connected otherwise the VM simply won't start). The VM only starts if I comment the passtrough line out...
  7. Farhan Khan

    How to get PCI Private Driver Data Pointer?

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how FreeBSD's PCI kernel modules work, maybe to do some light porting from Linux. My understanding is that during the attach call, the device will provide the driver with a pointer to a list of function pointers, which, when parsed, can be used to perform I/O...
  8. Farhan Khan

    Solved PCI Driver vendorID/deviceID defined where?

    Hi all, I am reading the FreeBSD Architecture Handbook, PCI Devices. In the sample source provided, I do not see where the VendorID or DeviceID are defined. My test VirtualBox instance seems probe and attach to 0x80EE (Likely because its Oracle Virtualbox) with the alternating device IDs of...
  9. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    Under-/overclocking the GMA950 GPU with pciconf?! (setpci works...)

    Hello! I have a question about under-/overclocking the integrated Intel GMA950 GPU, in my case sitting in an i945GM chipset. I know it's very old already, but still. I managed to do this with setpci from sysutils/pciutils, but since FreeBSD has its own tool for reading and writing PCI...
  10. A

    bhyve vga passthrough

    Can bhyve passthrough entire videocard to windows guest ? I need this for proprietary video surveilance software.
  11. aragats

    PCI passthrough stops working at certain conditions

    I have several bhyve guest OSs in FreeBSD 11-CURRENT. I never run two guests with the same PCI pass-through device. I pass trough a PCI device (USB controller) to a Linux guest. It works properly. Then I halt the VM, make sure that bhyve destroyed it and run Windows guest with the same PCI...