1. luckman212

    patch command - are file modes ignored?

    I couldn't find mention of this in the patch docs so I wanted to ask here. I've got a patch on github that I am trying to apply by downloading the commit hash with the `.patch` suffix. Here is the actual full url...
  2. A

    Patch for Hikari wayland compositor.

    Hello, There is a bug or issue on hikari wayland compositor which cause hikari to crash when opening gtk4 applications, e.g celluloid. There is a patch available on hikari matrix forum which fixed that issue. Will be great if it's applied on hikari package from repository. I hope this post will...
  3. luckman212

    How can I tell if or when a specific commit has landed in a FreeBSD release?

    I'm interested in commit a75819461ec7 and am wondering, is it possible to tell which (if any) release of FreeBSD includes this change? In general, is there a way to look at a single commit and figure out when it's been added to a major release other than guessing by the dates of those releases?
  4. JozanOfAstora

    Solved Applying an unofficial patch on a port

    Hi, Noob question maybe but I am kind of desperate here. I can't figure out how to apply a custom patch on a port. I only have basic knowledge about ports. My company is asking me to make security/teleport version 8.x.x or more work on FreeBSD. The current version present in ports/pkg (4.3.9)...
  5. Scribner

    Updating FreeBSD With ZFS Boot Environments (beadm)

    (Disclaimer: I'm a noob. Structure your replies accordingly.) I installed FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE last fall with the help of this forum. I haven't updated the computer since then, and have basically just ensured that, with my current install, the OS and KDE work and I am able to use Firefox...
  6. T

    Solved help patching port locally / patch to musicpd fails to apply

    I have written support for DoP (DirectStreamDigital over PCM) in mpd when using OSS as output. Its really hacky but works. Now I want to integrate this (locally) into the port for mpd. - I have created a patch file which will be appended, its structure was modified to match another patch...
  7. aurora

    Making USRobotics WiFi work with NDIS on FreeBSD 7.4 or 7.2

    Hello I'm trying to make my USRobotics WiFi PCI card work with NDIS on FreeBSD 7.4. The chipset of the card is BCMWL5 and those 2 files necessary for ndisgen to form a kernel loadable driver are present: bcmwl5.inf BCMWL5.SYS ndisgen has successfully compiled them into kernel loadable file...
  8. Mjölnir

    Managing sets of patches (through profiles) using build managers

    This is a continuation of a discussion that went off-topic. See also this post ff. Snurg & me then had a PM discussion (in german) on the topic, drop a note to get invited (PMs are not visible for other's), we can switch to english. We welcome any valuable feedback & ideas. Let's start to...
  9. Peter Eriksson

    Other Looking for HP SmartArray/SmartHBA RAID controller users...

    I have created a patch for the 'ciss' device driver that allows FreeBSD to talk to HP SmartArray/SmartHBA RAID/HBA controller cards that fixes a number of problems we have had with it on our systems (HP servers with the HP SmartHBA H241 controllers and multiple HP D6020 external SAS disk...
  10. macosxgeek

    How to apply security patches and upgrade FreeBSD-STABLE ?

    Hi, I'm running: 12.0-STABLE FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE r351060 GENERIC amd64 Recently I was trying to upgrade the system and apply latest security patches.. Unfortunately when I'm running: freebsd-update fetch I'm getting the following error message: freebsd-update: Cannot upgrade from a version...
  11. B

    The perennial Xorg inside jails patch

    I've modified the patch I found on these fora to allow /dev/kmem write access inside jails. The security arguments are hopefully well known: there isn't any. It's still useful for me in order to test different Xorg configs, desktop environments, and ports trees without potentially screwing up...
  12. J

    Determine Changes in KK.M-RELEASE-pN?

    I'm trying to determine how to see if a given MFC-ed change is present in a freebsd-update patch version, prior to installing it. This could be, for example, how to checkout the "tagged" source associated with the patch (to diff and/or examine the logs), or how to examine the patch contents...
  13. T

    Solved Patch to support asmc on mid-2011 MacMini 5,2

    Patch attached against FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE r329296. Output as below: root@ghost [/root] $ sysctl dev.asmc dev.asmc.0.temp.wireless_proximity: 58 dev.asmc.0.temp.pwr_supply: 50 dev.asmc.0.temp.pch_die: 70 dev.asmc.0.temp.pch_proximity: 64 dev.asmc.0.temp.memory_proximity: 59...
  14. S

    Solved Intel 8265 / 8275 driver

    Hail daemons of the internetz, I have just gotten a new Lenovo X270 and decided to try out FreeBSD on it; I come from the GNU/Linux world and had installed FreeBSD on my home music server and found it a great experience. Therefore I decided to install on my new laptop as well. This was...

    When can we expect a new patch for 11.0?

    The latest announced patch is p10. When will p11 come? Before or after 11.1 release?