How can I tell if or when a specific commit has landed in a FreeBSD release?

I'm interested in commit a75819461ec7 and am wondering, is it possible to tell which (if any) release of FreeBSD includes this change? In general, is there a way to look at a single commit and figure out when it's been added to a major release other than guessing by the dates of those releases?


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Commit was done on 'main' aka -CURRENT. Development is done in the 'main' branch, which is designated to be -CURRENT (14.0-CURRENT at this time). Sometimes patches are MFC'ed (Merged From Current), that typically happens to the -STABLE branches (stable/12 and stable/13). Patches are rarely done in existing -RELEASE versions (releng/X.X) unless they fix a security issue.

The stable/13 branch is basically the next minor release of 13. Release branches (releng/13.2 for example) are branched off of stable/13.
Often in git, if you make sure the specific branch is updated locally (git pull), doing a git log will give an idea what's in a branch.
You can start at, go to "developers, git repositories, src" and pick a branch, like stable/13.

That link leaves you looking at the logs. If you click "expand" you see the commit messages and hashes and if something was cherry picked.
If you know what files a commit touched, you can always use "git blame" and see if they were affected in the branch of interest