1. BingHelloMan

    Solved Shrinking my partition (UFS) (without losing data)

    Thinking about dual booting FreeBSD and Linux on my machine on the same SSD. I need to free up 500GBs for my Linux system => 40 1953525095 ada1 GPT (932G) 40 1024 1 (null) [bootme] (512K) 1064 1946156032 2 rootfs-1tb-toshiba (928G) 1946157096...
  2. B

    UFS FreeNAS EFI GPT Hard drive partition issues

    Hello there, long time lurker, but haven't posted. seems I've found what I needed to survive for 15 years until this day. I have an interesting situation that I've trying to resolve.... I have a hard drive (4Tb) that has a lot of important content on it I was using on a FreeNAS (NAS4free)...
  3. F

    Creating partition error: Invalid argument

    Hello. I have a problem installing FreeBSD 13.1. When partitioning the disk, I have the problem that you see in the photo. Invalid argument. I checked both on VM and on another disk. I tried to reinstall MBR, it didn't help. It's the same in gpart. Creating a part of any type does not work. I...
  4. S

    Cant install FreeBSD 13 on Hard Disk partition

    Hi All, I am trying to install FreeBSD on a disk where I have already installed Linux in. I used Gparted to create another partition in the disk and formatted it in NTFS file format. But when trying to install FreeBSD, the whole disk is shown instead of the partitions. Hence, I have to wipe to...
  5. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  6. O

    can't mount Dangerously Dedicated USB stick

    Hello fellow FreeBSD users, I try to mount a USB stick to recover a geli key. This stick has a full install and I used to boot on it and run FreeBSD (version 7 or 8). When I created it I did not use slices and make it dedicated (I forgot why). The server hardware is broken and I can't boot on an...
  7. M

    ZFS What do you do when there is no gdisk command?

    I brought a ZFS pool from an AMD64 machine over to a Raspberry PI 4 and it wouldn't import the pool, claiming some metadata was corrupted. Pool serves as a backup to my main computer, so I just recreated it and it's physically fine, but I just noticed in system messages the primary GPT table is...
  8. L

    FreeBSD won't boot when manually partitioning the disk

    Hello, I don't understand why FreeBSD won't boot when I choose to manually partition the disk during the installation process. The FreeBSD installer does the following when choosing "Auto (UFS)": However, if I try to manually partition it like this: FreeBSD won't boot afterwards: I thought...
  9. Ekynox360

    Solved Difference freebsd-boot efi partitions

    Hello everyone! 👋 I'm discovering FreeBSD so I'm starting to read some literature about this system. I often see in documents a partition entitled freebsd-boot which weighs 512KB for efi boot. On my virtual machine, I rather see a 200MB efi partition. What's the difference between them and why...
  10. M

    "gptzfsboot: No ZFS pools located, can't boot." - What am I doing wrong?

    I'm trying to do geli-encrypted FreeBSD dual-boot with Debian on legacy BIOS. My partition scheme is: /dev/ada0 (gpt) /dev/ada0p1 (bios boot) /dev/ada0p2 (linux filesystem) /dev/ada0p3 (linux filesystem) /dev/ada0p4 (freebsd boot) /dev/ada0p5 (freebsd swap) /dev/ada0p6 (freebsd zfs) I've...
  11. A

    Multiboot on an External

    Hey all. Sorry that my first post is basically a "somebody throw me a line" post...but here goes! :-) I'm currently running 3 OS's (2x linux distributions, 1x windows os) on my laptop. I also connect a 1TB external HD to it. On this External HD, I want to run FreeBSD and likely a couple linux...
  12. Petr Fischer

    Solved Replacing failed disk in ZFS (bootable) mirror - how to recover bootsector

    Hello, I have simple ZFS mirror from 2 disks. Contains zroot. Is bootable (GPT). 1) ZFS mirror was created during FreeBSD installation - I assume, that installer wrote proper gpt bootsector to both disks, so when one disk die in the future, system can boot from second disk - is this true? 2)...
  13. mandragara

    UFS How do I access space freed by changing my UFS reserved space from 8% to 0%?

    I've run 'tunefs -m 0' and 'tunefs -o space' on my UFS hard drive, however I haven't seen any reclaimed space. The changes wrote successfully. It's a 4TB drive so I expect 3.725 TB but I'm getting 3.52 TB. Any thoughts?
  14. K

    Installing FreeBSD 11 on PowerMac G5 (beside Debian)

    I have a G5 Power Mac with Linux and i would like to install FreeBSD on it. However, whenever i try to install it, it completely destroys the partition tables on ALL disks and rendering Linux to unbootable. (FreeBSD also cannot boot.) I've read in the manual, that on PPC sysinstall cannot...
  15. neptunium

    Solved Restore slices destroyed by "fdisk -I"

    I know that there are many similar posts around here, but I wasn't able to find anyone else with exactly the same problem. On this HD ada1: 476940MB (976773168 512 byte sectors)I had slices and partitions like this: ada1s1 ada1s2 ada1s2a ada1s2d ada1s2e ada1s2f I accidentally destroyed...
  16. Li Fo

    Other Can't erase microSD after burning FreeBSD on it.

    Hello guys! Recently I have tried to set up FreeBSD on my Raspberry Pi. So I burnt my microSD on macOS with "dd if=/path/to/img_file of=/dev/disk1 bs=1 conv=sync" and used for its intended purpose without any problems. But after some time I have noticed, that files have been erased after...