1. hishnik

    Other Is it possible to store GELI keys and passphrase on separate disk, while booting?

    Hello. I'm using GELI on my laptop for whole disk encryption. Boot partition is located on separate thumb-drive. My loader.conf contains such strings for decryption: The questions are: 1. Is it possible to move this keys to another thumb drive in such a way that loader could find them while...
  2. B

    How do I factory reset FreeBSD?

    On Windows (the OS I'm most familiar with) you can factory restore the system so that it appears in the same way that it did when Windows was first installed. Is this an option for FreeBSD? I cluttered my system pretty bad when I was first learning and I want to start over without deleting and...
  3. T

    ZFS ZFS reported space

    Hi, I have a Netgate 6100 pfSense appliance with ZFS. Everything is working fine and I know there is nothing wrong here but I am just trying to understand how the space is reported by each of the tools. diskinfo reports 477GB in bytes and the pfSense zpool list is 472GB. Where are the missing 5...
  4. A

    ZFS How to fix deleted freebsd (from debian gparted) partition causing entire drive to be a single zfs partition

    I had microsoft windows 10, debian and freebsd installed on a single partition in my laptop. I only recently started using freebsd. I used this guide here to help me...
  5. G

    Creating partition (invalid argument error)

    I manually install FreeBSD. I try to create some partition on hdd with mbr and with one pre-existing ntfs partition, but recieve the error : invalid argument.
  6. M

    UFS Help to resize partition / without data loss with gpart

    I need to resize the / without losing data, I believe I will need to do this with a FreeBSD LIVE distro, but I'm concerned about the lack of experience with gpart. Below is the disk partition table > root@FreeBSD:~ # gpart show ada1 => 63 468862065 ada1 MBR (224G) 63...
  7. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  8. S

    ZFS type of hard disks names support by freebsd

    I have written zfs install script for custom partitions. but we have a challenge in the current script it will detect hard disks type(as primary disk) like ada*(iso) and vtbd*(cloud server like digital ocean) since we came across these type of disks only. but when we install OS with custom...
  9. I

    UFS a partition extension scenario

    I have the following sutuation in my PC and I would like to extend the size of the FreeBSD partition -partition number 13. The problem is that the extension cannot be continuous unless I delete the var partition (4GB) and recreate it later after the extension and by taking backup. Swap partition...
  10. sagaracharya

    Formatting write protected FreeBSD 12.1 pendrive

    I wanted to install FreeBSD on my laptop for which I made a memstick of 12.1 image. It's write protected and I'm almost about to bang my head against the wall here trying to format it. I've tried everything mentioned on stack and search engine links with no success. 12.1 image has /boot/entropy...
  11. W

    shrink a partion to split it?

    I have got a FreeBSD system that I use as Samba server. It has only one partition. I'd like to split it into two partitions with os and data and encrypt the data partition with Geli. As I understand, I cannot shrink the partition? So, if I mount the disk on another system, cp -rp the disk...
  12. Z

    Solved [ZFS & UFS] UFS or ZFS for the main drive on a NAS ?

    Hi, For a NAS, the question is UFS or ZFS for main drive ? I'm thinking about 2 options, which one would you recommend ? It is a recent hardware, Intel i3. 8Go. Main drive is an old 1To classical HDD while the 4 other one are new 4To 'NAS' HDD of 2 different brands. No SSD. Option 1 full ZFS...
  13. k.jacker

    Labeling partitions done right on modern computers.

    If you have ever added or removed a disk from your computer running FreeBSD, you have probably experienced that device names had moved around after a reboot and FreeBSD wouldn't boot anymore or a ZFS pool failed. Labels can work around that. Before we start, it’s important to know that there...
  14. Butterfly

    Moving on from Linux to FreeBSD

    Hi Gang, It's been a while since I was here. So, hi all :) Okay. So, I have this Linux box (32 bit Manjaro Linux) for which the support of the OS has stopped. There was an attempt to keep the patient alive, but there are "voices of reason" that call on pulling the perverbial plug... So. Is it...
  15. ldgc

    UFS Partitioning feedback

    Hi all :) Observations: - 1 HDD - HDD will only have FreeBSD installed - 8 GB RAM - System's purpose is programming and basic desktop tasks - tmpfs will be used for /tmp Partitioning: ada0 932G GPT ada0p1 800K efi ada0p2 2G freebsd-ufs / ada0p3 2G freebsd-swap none ada0p4 10G freebsd-ufs /var...
  16. usernamekiran

    Solved How to mount NTFS partition from same HDD?

    Hello, I am using FreeBSD 11.1, dual boot with Win 10. Win 10 is on C drive (ada0p3). I have my media on ada0p4, which is an NTFS drive. sade shows it as "ms-basic-data". My FreeBSD is installed in a nested partition. With linux, I used to use sudo mount /dev/sda2<or the drive letter>...
  17. J

    Other Where do I start to partition my harddrive?

    Hello. I want to partition my harddrive that is currently running FreeBSD so I can install Windows. Where do I begin? I just want to keep the FreeBSD partition at 100GB and give Windows the rest of my space.
  18. Tu_Vieja

    Solved How to set /home on a dedicated "partition"?

    ( Disclaimer: Not a native-english speaker, and totally newbie, I do my best ) Hello, world. First thread so I hope to make it right: The concrete question is: Can I have the /home directory (which as I understand, contains my personal data) on a different partition? To help you understand...
  19. SeaKnight

    Non bootable hard drive partitions

    Hello. I have recently setup FreeBSD on virtual box for the first time and am now trying to install it to my laptop; I want to dual boot it with Windows 10. So, I boot into FreeBSD and go to select the empty partition I made for it only to see this: I have had nothing but issues since EUFI...
  20. r0g3r

    ZFS how do I create a home partition separate on zfs ?

    hi, how do I create a home partition separate using zfs ?