1. W

    Does owncloud client work well ?

    I tried owncloud, years ago, I found that much of owncloud did not work well. I am thinking about trying owncloud again. I have noticed there is an owncloud client for FreeBSD: owncloudclient-2.2.2. Has anybody used this? Does it work well? BTW: is there any reason to use NextCloud instead...
  2. S

    Owncloud in FreeBSD Jail

    I'm considering setting up Owncloud on my FreeBSD 10.3 server in a jail, but I'm wondering about being able to connect to files outside the jail. I have a pretty sizeable file collection (photos, docs, etc.) on the server now (not jailed) that I will want to connect to from Owncloud inside the...
  3. A

    nginx "spdy" error

    I am following Joshua's guide to install owncloud in a jail. I am having consistent issues with the nginx.conf file. Originally, I posted in the FreeNAS forum specific to the owncloud jail...
  4. cbrace

    ownCloud: segfaulting

    Hi all, I have www/owncloud v8.1.3 installed on my FreeBSD server running v10.2-RELEASE-p5. For some reason, it has recently started segfaulting when I try to login into the web interface. In chrome, I see an empty response error message. In /var/log/http-error.log I see this line: [Thu Oct 08...