1. PatchyFog

    Open SMTPD: Reject sender/force errors at virtual table expansion time?

    Hello. With Exim, in the alias file, I could do this: 550 "Unknown User" to force 550 (or other) errors. With OpenSMTPD, in the "virtuals" table, the same syntax results in a 424 4.2.4 Mailing list expansion problem: <> ...and not a 550. So the sender will keep...
  2. Rob215x

    Devices cannot connect after FreeBSD 13 update due to TLS issue

    A client has a number of devices that email a report at the end of the day. Several years ago (2021?) they stopped receiving the emails so, as a favor (they've been a good client), I built a spare FreeBSD server in my office to act as a mail server. It receives the automated messages from their...
  3. chloris

    Dovecot: separate inboxes by domain

    Dear FreeBSD users, I am running a mail server with OpenBSD opensmtpd for mail delivery and Dovecot for IMAP access. The server accepts mail for two domains, let's call them domain1 and domain2. Users authenticate against the system /etc/passwd file, meaning they log in to SMTP/IMAP only using...
  4. VBA

    periodic daily Root Mails

    Hello, I haven't received regular daily root mails for some time now. What is the best way to identify the issue? /etc/mail/virtuals root /etc/crontab # /etc/crontab - root's crontab for FreeBSD # # $FreeBSD$ # SHELL=/bin/sh...
  5. Rob215x

    Opensmtpd and Dovecot - Outgoing mail works, Incoming does not

    I have to install a new mail setup on our office server to replace an old QMAIL + dovecot setup (currently working and in use every day). I created a FreeBSD virtual machine on another office computer so I can get all of my configuration correct before I do it on the real server. I created a...
  6. erley

    Local mail sender hostname is wrong when sending via OpenSMTPd

    Hello, I got a problem with local emails on my FreeBSD box after last upgrade of OpenSMTPd 6.6.4p1. Previously it worked well, but now: $ mail -v root Subject: test some message . EOT <<< 220 # ESMTP OpenSMTPD >>> EHLO localhost <<< 250-# Hello localhost [local], pleased to meet you <<<...
  7. I

    OpenSMTPD: How to hide/remove original source IP address?

    I'm trying to figure out how to remove/hide the originating source IP address of every mail being sent using OpenSMTPD (running FreeBSD or OpenBSD)? To do the equivalent in postfix, it would be:
  8. P

    openSMTPD with TLS and SASL Auth

    Hi everyone, Actually I have a rule who do SMTP relay and work nice for one account : accept from source { localhost } for any relay via tls+auth://label@mySMTP:587 auth <secrets> the account is stored on a secret.db file like that : label user:login I...
  9. pentago

    Jailed OpenSMTPD Mail Headers Issue

    I successfully set up mail/opensmtpd in a jail running other web services. I set up mail/dkimproxy for mail signing and all, works like a charm. Now, the issue I'm having is that all sent mail has headers like these: Received: from ( []) or Received: from...