1. gustopn

    NTPd fails to sync when DNS used

    Hi, I have a freshly updated 12.0-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p8 r350387 GENERIC amd64 where NTPd stopped working saying: Jul 28 14:32:28 wasp ntpd[1194]: giving up resolving host ntp1.hetzner.de: servname not supported for ai_socktype (9) Jul 28 14:32:28 wasp ntpd[1194]: giving up...
  2. johnblue

    "error resolving pool 0.freebsd.pool.ntp.org" at startup

    This is a 12.0 vm install from .iso on vmware that has been updated to p6. ntpdate and ntpd are enabled in rc.conf but ntpd complains that it cannot resolve "0.freebsd.pool.ntp.org" during startup. However, when I manually stop and restart ntpd it is able to resolve it:named[611]: running...
  3. J

    ntpd onefetch?

    Hi, On a host running 11.0-RELEASE-p1, I today noticed the following processes running: root 48249 0.0 0.2 6668 2296 - I 03:48 0:00.00 /bin/sh /etc/periodic/daily/480.leapfile-ntpd root 48252 0.0 0.2 3928 1668 - I 03:48 0:00.01 sleep 71232 Having never seen...
  4. L

    ntpd logging & debugging

    I have a FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE server running as a KVM guest and doesn't keep its clock synchronize. I have enabled ntpd in /etc/rc.conf: ntpd_enable=YES ntpd_sync_on_start=YES but it doesn't solve my problem. If the server runs for a few hours the difference between real time and...