ntpd onefetch?


On a host running 11.0-RELEASE-p1, I today noticed the following processes running:

root  48249   0.0  0.2  6668  2296  -  I    03:48       0:00.00 /bin/sh /etc/periodic/daily/480.leapfile-ntpd
root  48252   0.0  0.2  3928  1668  -  I    03:48       0:00.01 sleep 71232

Having never seen this before, I looked into the what the 480.leapfile-ntpd script does and discovered it invokes service ntpd onefetch.

However, I can't find any reference to a 'onefetch' function in any of the rc scripts, or in ntpd's man page.

Does this actually do anything? If so, what?
It's basically the same as service ntpd fetch without the requirement to have it enabled in rc.conf.
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