1. srey

    ZFS Tune ZFS to take in account the speed difference between 2 disk : Sata SSD / M2 interface storage

    Hi ! I'm totally new to BSD (comming from Ubuntu/Debian land), starting an Homelab project with recent refurbished hardware : Optiplex 3080, 8gb ram, core I5 10500T (6 cores / HyperThread Yes). I'm planning something simple with this homelab : - ZFS crypted / Yubikey - Containers ( or a...
  2. Scribner

    Best (and Most Correct) Way to Run FreeBSD for Desktop

    I want to give FreeBSD another chance. I've used FreeBSD as a desktop a little bit for about a year. But I am a complete noob and need the help of The FreeBSD Forums once again if I am to use it as my primary desktop. See these two blog posts I made about how I installed FreeBSD (with the...
  3. Spity

    Solved Change language of Gnome Desktop

    Hi, I have installed FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome. Is there any way to change it to Spanish?
  4. D

    Newbie to FreeBSD with questions

    Hello. I've been using several distros of Linux in the last couple of years so while I am seeing some similarities between it and FreeBSD (both being Unix-based, I'm aware), I realize I need some help to fully get around it. I can see that FreeBSD isn't an out-of-the-box desktop experience...
  5. R

    Upgrading the whole system (including packages)

    Hello FreeBSD forum! I just installed FreeBSD for the first time and wanted to upgrade the whole system. (I'm planning on only using the pre-compiled packages, if that matters. And I have ran the # /usr/sbin/pkg command) But did I understand correctly that if I run # freebsd-update fetch #...
  6. L

    On the fence with BSD, looking for some advice

    Hello All! My apologises if this is in the wrong section, this is my first post here. So I am currently a Linux user, Parabola Linux specifically, and recently I have watched some videos that have peaked my interest towards BSD, more than likely TrueOS, but I have some questions that relate to...
  7. Reptile

    Noob tutorials

    This is meant to help the absolute beginner to UNIX-like operating systems get started with FreeBSD. Apart from reading the first chapters of the handbook I can also recommend reading this, or any other introductory material to UNIX, before starting with these. Colorized output from ls by...