no audio firefox

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    No sound in browsers but works elsewhere

    I'm a non-technical person running FreeBSD 13.2-STABLE on an ASUS Vivobook laptop. Up until recently I was able to watch YouTube videos, etc... with sound in Firefox. Today it has become apparent that sound no longer works from Firefox, and I tested it in Chomium too and it doesn't work there...
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    No sound on FreeBSD 11.2 with Xfce4, Dell Optiplex 455, Intel chipset

    Hi Esteemed Experts, Can you assist with this “no audio” issue? I love this OS and have been at it for a few days. Success everywhere but no audio. I read the handbook and searched online for driver solutions and modified a few files but can’t get sound on Firefox or VLC. Video is just fine...
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    How to solve no sound problem in Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible of the damages that this how-to could produce in your OS. Take this like a side option, not the first. First: I had troubles with the sound in Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 Note that this it's the latest version. Why this happens? I don't have idea, but, I found a...