1. I

    Nextcloud 404 not found after upgrading php

    I have been having problems with my nextcloud server and I haven't been able to get it back up. I had been regularly updating through the web interface (up to version 17.something) and found that the update button didn't show up any longer. After googling a bit, I found that it was due to...
  2. B

    Nextcloud-php74 "pkg upgrade choose version"

    Hi there, I am still a bit new to FreeBSD and I hope I can provide all the necessary information. I am having some troubles with upgrading a port. I am running a Nextcloud instance in a FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p2 jail. It is Nextcloud-php74 with Version 18.03. I tried the upgrade and everything...
  3. R

    Issues with file operations or why is vi slower than dd?

    I have a FreeNAS Mini running with a jail for Nextcloud. While moving my files from Dropbox to the Nextcloud instance, I realized that there are many fastcgi timeouts happening. In order to investigate the cause, I observed a strange behavior which I don't really understand but my hope is that...
  4. olafz

    nextcloud-php72: no files displayed

    Good morning, I have re-installed nextcloud-php72 from scratch (new mariadb database, new empty file system), but I still have trouble with the web GUI. After logging in as admin, I see a spinning circle, that's all. No files. When I try to upload a file, I get a 'no permission to upload files...
  5. poorandunlucky

    Uhh huh *nods*

    *does a little victory dance*
  6. Ependi Silalahi


    I need help. I have freebsd 11, nginx, PHP 71, and mariadb all latest have installed on my server. I tried to run nextcloud 12 but it wouldnt install. I have done this on linux and no problem. I put nextcloud root on /usr/www/nextcloud and created database and user but when tried to launch...
  7. W

    Trying to install nextcloud

    I am using: FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64, apache24, and php 5.6 # pkg install nextcloud This installed nextcloud in /usr/local/www/nextcloud From /usr/local/www/apache24/data # ln -s /usr/local/www/nextcloud ./nextcloud Try to run, and I get this: > Fatal error: Class 'Memcached' not found in...
  8. cbrace

    Nextcloud upgrade issue

    Hi all, I used www/owncloud for a few years, and recently I migrated to www/nextcloud. As some of you may know, v10 of Nextcloud was recently released. The port was upgraded within a couple of days, and I decided to upgrade via the port. The upgrade failed. I found an explanation of why here...