Nextcloud upgrade issue

Hi all,

I used www/owncloud for a few years, and recently I migrated to www/nextcloud.

As some of you may know, v10 of Nextcloud was recently released. The port was upgraded within a couple of days, and I decided to upgrade via the port.

The upgrade failed. I found an explanation of why here: Upgrade to 10 RC 1 failed, call to setupCron.

One of the devs wrote:
This file does not exist in 10 anymore. Please make sure to delete all code files (apart from config and data) before uploading the new files.

See, especially step 4 and 5

Well, it seem the port upgrade process doesn't delete the old PHP files. Is this a packaging error? Should I report this to the maintainer? Or is it a quirk of Nextcloud? Do I need to upgrade it manually and not via the ports system?

Thanks. Gave that a try, deleting v9 first with pkg and then installing v10. But after running the upgrade script the web interface displayed an "access denied" error message.

Following the "manual upgrade" instructions in the link above, I renamed the v9 directory under /usr/local/www, copied over config.php, and then installed v10 from scratch. That worked.

This is the first FreeBSD port I've ever encountered that can't simply be upgraded using make reinstall or pkg upgrade.