1. zc4r

    How to start tshark on ttyv1 and ttyv2 on boot

    I'm trying to get tshark to load before login on my FreeBSD 13.1 server. Preferably I would want ttyv0 to act as the server system notifications, ttyv1 should run on boot: tshark -i re0 -t ud -P -V -u hms -b interval:86400 -w /tmp/tshark_re0_PV.pcap and ttyv2 should run on boot: tshark -i re0 -P...
  2. C

    Solved FreeBSD does not boot into GUI

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and the way it works(I mean, completely new; I don't even really understand what's going on in the handbook). I'm mentioning this because I've searched the threads to find the solution to my problem and I didn't get half the things that were said, so please be specific...
  3. S

    MATE Compton transparency issue.

    So I installed mate DE and compton, but whenever I bring up a terminal I get this weird transparent after on all of my open windows. example in the file I attached.
  4. D

    Newbie to FreeBSD with questions

    Hello. I've been using several distros of Linux in the last couple of years so while I am seeing some similarities between it and FreeBSD (both being Unix-based, I'm aware), I realize I need some help to fully get around it. I can see that FreeBSD isn't an out-of-the-box desktop experience...
  5. M

    Solved Portmaster: Unattended installation of Vim

    Hi I am new to FreeBSD and I have a fresh installation of it in front of me and to start editing config files before installing anything else I wanted to install Vim. But after hitting <OK> for the 1.000 time (at least it felt like 1.000), I just aborted it and tried out some flags to have an...
  6. K

    Solved No sound

    Hey everyone one, I'm new to the BSD's and I thought I would try FreeBSD after enjoying what I found with OpenBSD, so my install of FreeBSD on my desktop has been going fine, but for some reason I cant seem to get audio to work after my attempts in the past couple of hours. the output from...
  7. B

    Why is caps lock so buggy?

    I have recently installed FreeBsd on one of my older machines, currently there is no GUI and I am running everything as root. My issue is this, whenever I press capslock freeBSD will stop responding to keystrokes. In order to turn off/on capslock I need to unplug and plug in my keyboard. Does...
  8. christhegeek

    My first time using freebsd

    Was fairly easy enough to install it not bad . Of course it has many problems from qt-sqlite that can't be installed no way via ports or pkg nothing worked at all Gnome3 Gdm doesn't work it gives me a blank screen (with a dark color i think) Wifi usb support is very very very limited only one...
  9. Imm0ral_Man1ak

    Solved Which of the ISO-Images is the proper one to install FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hello, I've recently decided to try FreeBSD as an operating system instead of my old one. Now I know some of the questions that I will ask will probably sound very idiotic to some of you (perhaps this one as well), as I am a real dummy when it comes to computers, programming and all of the...
  10. S

    FTP cronjob : Upload from queue until full?

    Hello all, I, as a total freeBSD beginner, will probably be completely in over my head for this one, but please try anyway. :p What I want to achieve; The Laymen's explanation; I want my FreeNAS to upload new TV shows to my tablet every night, until the tablet is full. I need a script to...
  11. D

    Solved Lumina DE and Fluxbox Windows Manager

    Hi I am new to Freebsd and I want to set up my first real desktop. But when I try to make Lumina and Fluxbox work together, Fluxbox never work. I always have to start Fluxbox via menu. I enter both of the software in .xinitrc and I just have Lumina that starts. Does someone know why this...
  12. G

    How to configure Xorg with qxl-driver/xspice on kvm + virt-manager

    Hello everyone, I am newbie and interested in FreeBSD(11.1), so I decided to try it out on a virtual machine (kvm). The install was simple, but I seem to have hit a wall trying to install and configure Xorg. As per the handbook (and other sources), I installed Xorg using ports. cd...
  13. clawhammer

    Solved learned about /etc/profile and ~/.profile files; what else?

    Can anyone recommend what other files like these I should read about that would help me understand whats going on in the console better? Using the bash shell. I'm a beginner. Thanks. EDIT:________________ Thanks for all the suggestions.
  14. Tu_Vieja

    Software recommendatios for a new(bie) system.

    Greetings, BSDers. In the verge of migrating to a FreeBSD desktop enviroment, I'm looking for some advice about what software is recommended that follow these principles: -"Do one thing and do it well." (The core in UNIX philosophy) -Have a BSD/MIT or any other permissive license. Even if I'm...
  15. C

    Finally I own compatible hardware!

    First off, having finally got FreeBSD working for the first time, I'm near over the moon (quick explanation, I've often had hardware (mainly laptops) that had incompatible hardware) - while I was tempted to build a cheap box specifically for *BSD somehow I never got round to it... While I do...
  16. decuser

    zfs partitioning during installation advice

    I've been using Freebsd to serve my git repo and rsync needs as well as desktop for a few years without any problems using the default partitioning scheme from Freebsd 9, then 10. I recently upgraded to 11, and everything seems to be working fine. Never one to let things be, I am considering...
  17. W

    Cannot start Xorg (newbie)

    Hello everyone. I am a complete newbie in FreeBSD, so I am not familiar with almost anything. I have installed Xorg, however, when I try to run "startx", it terminates with a message "Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices". The installation of Xorg...
  18. Reptile

    Noob tutorials

    This is meant to help the absolute beginner to UNIX-like operating systems get started with FreeBSD. Apart from reading the first chapters of the handbook I can also recommend reading this, or any other introductory material to UNIX, before starting with these. Colorized output from ls by...
  19. L

    Solved How to install FreeBSD onto an extended partition.

    A long time ago I created a virtual machine in VirtualBox that allows me to install a new operating system inside it, and then be able to boot the host into that same OS. It's using a rawdisk vmdk. I've installed and used Fedora, Arch, and Debian in that fashion. I'd like to do the same with...