network services

  1. LSD

    Solved restarting network

    I am having trouble restarting network services. I made a very simple shell script (OpenVPN kill switch) that checks sockstat every 60 seconds to see if OpenVPN is running, if not, it runs the command `ifconfig ue0 down' (not tun0, the VPN device, but the ethernet connection). It works just...
  2. bananaceri

    Solved Cannot access internet in FreeBSD (cannot ping but able to ping

    I suspected a few elements due to this issue, as i were saying i was able to ping ,localhost, and my ip ( but i cannot ping I'm configuring a static ip and i am not sure what IP should i put as my dns server. and i am not sure whether my /etc/hosts is being...
  3. PacketMan

    Looking for network based printer

    Well the wife is nagging me to buy a printer because the kids are in school and printing has become pretty much necessary. So over the next week or two or three I really should buy something. Happy wife happy life. :p I've been reading through the multiple discussion post so I think I got...
  4. Avery Freeman

    SAMBA AD: Getent passwd doesn't return domain users

    Update 5/31/2018: Please skip to end of thread for how I solved this on-going problem I had been having for several months Hi, I'm new to the thread and fairly new to FreeBSD, plus I'm coming over from FreeNAS, so please bare with me (I understand the animosity). I'll try to include as much...
  5. Allan

    Set Default Route w/ DHCP on Multi-Homed Box

    I have a machine that I use for a "lab" that has (at least) two ethernet ports: em0 and em1 Both are connected to different networks with their own DHCP servers. em0 is always connected to the "production" network that has Internet access and em1 is connected to the "lab" network. Sometimes...
  6. A

    ftp server socket listen backlog is limited - "listen backlog limit Vs kernel maxfile limit"

    From ftp server code, we are limiting the connections to1024 (s.listen (1024) call), but when I do the sockstress tool test it overflowing the listen backlog limit to 12000+ connection. So my system reaching the kern.maxfile limit. Overflow scenario is Vulnerable to the system with sockstress...
  7. P

    mDNSResponder Issue with two network interfaces

    I do have two network interfaces on my server ( one for "public" and one as "admin" network only ). The setup worked fine with net/mDNSResponder and net/netatalk3 . I configured the two networks in /usr/local/etc/afp.conf by restricting the netatalk to listen and response only to the public...
  8. P

    Solved Workaround for solving DNS resolving errors

    Ever faced an error like this? ping: cannot resolve Host name lookup failure It turns out that the problem was with unbound, I solved this problem on my laptop by disabling the validator module and removing its trust anchors...
  9. Itproman

    Solved Samba Config File Suggestions?

    I copied this basic config from one of the forum posts to a create an smb4.conf file and it works....but it's not quite there yet. Below,I had to change "netbios name" from "Server_Name" to "FreeBSD BOX",because on my Windows PC it showed up as "SERVER_NAME." The other problem is,if I click on...