Solved Workaround for solving DNS resolving errors


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Ever faced an error like this?
ping: cannot resolve Host name lookup failure

It turns out that the problem was with unbound, I solved this problem on my laptop by disabling the validator module and removing its trust anchors.

- open unbound.conf with a text editor
- under "server: " there's a line that contains "trust-anchor"
Delete that line then add this under "server: "
module-config: "iterator"

Save unbound.conf and reboot, it should now work normally :)


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Except then you don't have any DNSSEC validation. So I wouldn't exactly say that was normal.


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You might want to check that outgoing access to TCP port 53 is not blocked, it's common for the resolver to fall back to TCP on many of the more advanced operations when a single UDP diagram can not hold the result.