1. R. Esner

    kdenlive avfilter effects not functioning

    Sometime in November or so, (seemingly all of) MLT's avfilter effects on multimedia/kdenlive stopped working. I can add them to audio but they have no effect. Note that the 'not available' plugins do not show up in the plugin view at all. MLT effects. avfilter effects have 'avfilter.'...
  2. ArgentoSoma

    Solved Audacity port and package

    Hello! I have a concern about the Audacity package, which you can see in FreshPorts, but it does not appear in the binary packages. There is a problem with the package, or it is not being compiled for some reason.
  3. I

    Solved VLC crashes when trying to play DVDs

    I just got a Blu-Ray USB player and FreeBSD detects it just fine. I've made sure it works by mounting it and I can see everything just fine. I'm having an issue where VLC keeps crashing whenever I try to play from DVD. I'm trying to play a DVD on the Blu-Ray, specifically Matrix Reloaded. I...
  4. D

    Unable to build OBS because of old github issue

    Since last year if you try to build multimedia/obs-studio, it throws a link to this Github issue and says obs-studio is marked as broken. It seems like this was fixed in October yet we still can't build it - the tag is for 27.2.3 and that version is currently in quarterly ports. Anyone know why?
  5. D

    multimedia/avidemux installed but nowhere to be found

    I installed multimedia/avidemux to try it out as a video editor via pkg install avidemux. It installed successfully, but it is nowhere to be found in my applications menu (in other words, there's not a .desktop file) and running avidemux in the terminal gives nothing. Does avidemux run with a...
  6. michael_hackson

    Solved Suggestions for sound-enhanced experience

    Hello Team! There has been a while since I was active and I am back in a little of an emergency. On my laptop running FreeBSD I have had some mixed experiences with the sound. There is no troubles with the driver or system settings (as far as I know) but somehow it seems that the sound quality...
  7. decuser

    KAudioCreator not recognizing CD drive

    Hi, I'm using FreeBSD 11.1 on a Dell Optiplex 755. It comes with a DVD player that I am able to play DVD's and Audio CD's with just fine. I decided that I wanted to rip an audio cd into mp3s today and I haven't been able to find a method that is satisfactory. Ideally, I would insert the CD...
  8. S

    Unable to compile gpac-0.6

    Hi, I am trying to compile latest gpac on FreeBSD-10.3 since it comes with gpac-0.5 in ports while we need 0.6 version. So i tried to download latest from github ( but on gmake it gives following error : Can i get any help to fix it ?
  9. D

    Playback of BluRay disks?

    Has anyone managed to play BluRay disks with FreeBSD? I have a BluRay drive and tried building the multimedia/vlc port with libbluray support enabled, but even with the KEYDB.cfg file from the vlc-bluray site installed I get an unhelpful error message. Has anyone ever managed to make this work...